4R Nutrient Stewardship      506

Nutrient stewardship outreach and implementation for farmer profitability and the environment

www.nutrientstewardship.org    202-515-2721


A.J. Sackett & Sons Co.      408

Fertilizer blending equipment, fertilizer plant engineering design and manufacturing

www.AJSackett.com    410-276-4466


Accu-Steel      400

Hot dip galvanized engineered fabric covered buildings for fertilizer


www.asicoverbuildings.com    877-338-6936


Ag Leader Technology      416

Leader in Precision Agriculture

www.agleader.com    515-232-5363


Ag Professional      212, 214

Providing agronomic and business management solutions to the retailer

www.agprofessional.com    314-724-3936


AGCO Application Equipment Division      300, 302, 304

Rogators, Terragator

www.agcocorp.com    770-813-9200


AgRenaissance Software      403

Recordkeeping, mapping, and label checking software

AgRenaissance.com    919-518-8030


Agrian, Inc.      301

Web-based service provides label reference, agronomy and record keeping to all levels of the ag industry

www.agrian.com    559-437-5700


Agricultural Retailers Association      113, 115

The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) advocates, influences, educates and provides services to support its members in their quest to maintain a profitable business environment, adapt to a changing world and preserve their freedom to operate.

www.aradc.org    202-457-0825

Agrium Advanced Technologies      306

ESN® Smart Nitrogen® provides season-long nitrogen feeding

www.smartnitrogen.com    970-292-9013


AgWorks, Inc.      603

Integrated software tools for Ag Retailers to manage and grow their business

www.agworks.net    855-249-6757


ARA Auction      117, 119

Proceeds to benefit ARAPAC

www.purplewave.com    202-457-0825


Argus Media      601

Provider of price assessments, business intelligence and market data for global energy markets

www.argusmedia.com 713-968-0000


AutoCopter Corp.      308

UAV helicopter - remote sensing - NDVI and Geotiff solution

www.autocopter.net    704-835-0314


Bank of the West      219

Financing solutions for agribusiness needs

www.bankofthewest.com    866-501-4976


Bio Huma Netics, Inc.      202

Huma Gro®

bhn.us    480-961-1220


Cargotec USA Inc.      616, 618

U. S. distributor HIAB Crane and Moffett truck mounted forklift

www.cargotec.com/www.hiabus.com    800-852-2331


Case IH      401, 500

Manufacturer of post-emerge sprayers, floaters and fertilizer application equipment

www.caseih.com    262-636-6011


CDMS, Inc.      511, 610

Agronomy management web-based, precision-enabled, comprehensive data-driven decision support

www.cdms.net    800-237-2367


CF Industries, Inc.      501, 503

A global leader in fertilizer manufacturing and the largest UAN fertilizer producer in the world

www.cfindustries.com    847-405-2400


CHS Hedging Inc.      215

Crop nutrients risk management programs

www.chshedging.com    651-355-6500


CropLife Media Group      505

Ag media group with a special focus on ag retailers

www.croplife.com    440-942-2000


CropTrak      205

iPad mobile farm and field planning and data management tools

www.iCropTrak.com    520-445-8022


Cultura Technologies Inc.      204, 206

Software for crop planning, field history, precision analysis, formulation,blending

www.culturatech.com    800-518-0472


Doyle Equipment Mfg. Co.      518

Blending, conveying, and spreading equipment

www.doylemfg.com    217-222-1592


Drexel Chemical Company      103

Manufacturer of post patent pesticides and nutrients

www.DrexChem.com    901-774-4370


E-Markets, Inc.      109

Agribusiness software for ag retailers, processors, merchandisers, seed companies and wholesalers

www.e-markets.com    877-674-7419


El Dorado Chemical Co.      414

Nitrogen fertilizer manufacturer of Ammonium Nitrate, UAN, and NH3

www.eldoradochemical.com    800-264-2853


Engage Agro USA      417

Crop protection and nutritional products for agriculture and commercial use

www.EngageAgroUSA.com    928-445-7990


EuroChem     617

Leading international producer of N, P and K fertilizers

Farm Market iD

Recognized leader in ag data and marketing solutions

www.farmmarketid.com    800-313-4778


FarmChem      200

Full line of chemical handling equipment and seed treatment products

www.farmchem.com    800-247-1854


FBI Chemical Countermeasures Unit      609

FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate Chemical Countermeasures Unit

www.fbi.gov/contact-us    202-324-5825


FBSciences      615

Fertilizer enhancement products for agricultural crops

fbsciences.com    901-221-1200


FIS Ltd.      406

Risk management with cash settled swaps

www.freightinvestorservices.com    502-357-0094


FMC Corporation      409

Wide variety of crop protection products including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides

www.FMCcrop.com    888-593-6224


Focus Technology Group      607

Mobile document management for Ag retailers. Programs, Detailers, Contracts, etc.

www.focustg.com    615-353-0836


Green Markets      208

The industry source for fertilizer news, pricing, regulation and distribution

www.fertilizerpricing.com    800-401-5937


GVM, Inc.      514

Dedicated to providing quality precision application equipment, parts and services

www.gvminc.com    800-345-3546



Hagie Manufacturing Co.      606, 608

Hagie self-propelled sprayers

www.hagie.com    515-532-2861

Heartland Tank Services, Inc.      509

API 650 tank erection, API 653 tank inspections and internal pvc containment liners

www.heartlandtankservices.com    800-774-3230


Hemisphere GPS      207

GPS guidance and machine control equipment

www.hemispheregps.com    800-247-3808


Humic Products Trade Association      405

Promote commercial trade of humic products through scientific cooperation and industry standardization

www.humictrade.org    701-471-2704


InCom      419

Asset tracking and management using RFID

www.incomcorp.com    800-759-7204


J.C. Ramsdell Enviro Services      600

Secondary containment

www.jcramsdell.com    605-997-3706


JIEDDO     619

Leads Department of Defense actions to rapidly counter improvised explosive devices

John Deere
      315, 317, 319

A company dedicated to those linked to the land

www.johndeere.com    866-993-3373


Junge Control, Inc.      217

Automated blending equipment for chemical, fertilizer, seed, aerial application and fuel industries

www.jungecontrol.com    319-365-0686


Kahler Automation      309

Complete automation for the ag industry

www.kahlerautomation.com    507-235-6648


Koch Agronomic Services      507

Nitrogen stabilizer products to improve fertilizer efficiency

www.agrotain.com    866-863-5550


Marcus Construction       111

Construction company for dry fertilizer and liquid chemical storage

www.marcusconstruction.com    800-367-3424


Mid-State Tank Co., Inc.      316, 318

Manufacturer of stainless steel nurse, bulk chemical and applicator tanks

www.midstatetank.com    800-722-8384


Mosaic Company      418

World’s leading combined producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash, two of the primary nutrients required to help the world grow the food it needs

www.mosaicco.com    800-918-8270


Murray Equipment, Inc.      415

Design/build supplier of fluid handling systems for ag industry

www.murrayequipment.com    800-348-4753


New Leader      303, 305, 307

Crop nutrient application spreaders

www.highwayequipment.com    800-363-1771


Nutrients for Life Foundation      209

Education foundation with numerous educational resources for teaching about crop nutrient

www.nutrientsforlife.org    800-962-9065


Onsite      611

Cloud-based, mobile and desktop app that connects people, equipment, and software to efficiently communicate information.

www.onsiteag.com    814-237-5617


Oxbow Fertilizer      504

A global leader in marketing of fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials

www.oxbow.com    281-907-9288


Planalytics      605

AgriBusiness Weather Intelligence: Managing Weather's Impact on the Bottom Line

www.planalytics.com    800-882-5881

ProPartners Financial      502

Financing for the customers of America’s ag retailers

www.ppfcredit.com    916-774-0310


Purdue Univ. Center for Food and Ag. Business      218

ARA Management Academy

www.agecon.purdue.edu/cab    765-494-4247


Purdue University MS-MBA      216

MS - MBA program offered through Purdue

www.agecon.purdue.edu/agribusiness    765-494-4270


Ranco Fertiservice, Inc.      515

Dry fertilizer blending and handling equipment

www.ranco.org    712-283-2525

Purple Wave Auctions   Next to ARA Booth

Purple Wave sells ag equipment, construction equipment and vehicles at no-reserve Internet auction.

www.purplewave.com      866-608-9283


Raven Industries      211, 310

Slingshot, field computers, guidance and steering, application controls, boom controls, planter controls

www.ravenprecision.com    800-243-5435


Rio Tinto Materials      402

Boron fertilizer

www.borax.com/agriculture    303-713-5202


Russell Associates      101

iMPACT Total Train, Safe Train, inspectiTRAC, Total Train Blended Learning Solutions, misc.

www.intratraincom    507-665-6266


SFP      105

Fertilizer efficiency products

www.sfp.com    888-446-GROW


Software Solutions Integrated, LLC      213

Agvance Accounting, Agvance Blending, Agvance Planning, Agvance Mapping, Agvance Grain

www.agvance.net    800-752-7912       


Solum, Inc.      210

Advanced soil analytical and measurement company

www.solumtech.com    650-963-9775


Solutions from the Land      203

Development of integrated sustainable solutions

www.sfldialogue.net    410-252-7079


SRP Environmental      407

Environmental compliance, safety and training consulting firm specializing in agriculture

www.srpenvironmental.com    318-222-2364


SST Software      107

SST summit and summit professional data management software

www.sstsoftware.com    405-377-5334


Stueve Construction Co.      614

Dry fertilizer, storage buildings

www.stueve.com    515-295-3110


Syngenta      517

Crop protection, seeds

www.syngenta.com    336-632-6000


Trimble      404

Precision ag, GPS and guidance solutions

www.trimble.com/agriculture    800-874-6253


US Farm Data      621

Generating sales leads for dealers throughout the U.S.

www.usfarmdata.com    800-960-6267


Veris Technologies      516

Soil sensing, mapping technology

www.veristech.com    785-825-1978


Waconia Mfg., Inc.      508

Dry fertilizer blending and handling equipment

www.waconiamfg.com    952-442-4450


Willowood USA      513, 612

Generic crop protection product manufacturer

www.willowoodusa.com    541-679-9963


XS, Inc.      602, 604

Data management, spatial statistics, sales analysis tools

www.xsinc.com    919-379-3515


Yargus Manufacturing, Inc      312, 314

Conveying and blending equipment

www.yargus.com    217-826-635