Membership Overview





Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) serves as the national voice for ag retailers.  ARA members range in size from family-held businesses to large companies with multiple outlet facilities. (View Membership Categories)  We are your colleagues from across the country.  Working together, we vigorously advocate for ag retailers’ and distributors’ business interests – including yours.  

For more information on ARA member benefits and services or to join the association, contact Kelly Jones, Office Administrator & Associate Director of Membership, at (202) 457-0825, ext. 10.  Or, via e-mail at

The ARA membership leads the organization to ensure that the ag retailers’ voice heard.  ARA is governed by an executive committee (LINK) and a 40-person board (LINK) representing retail facilities and manufacturers of crop protection chemicals, seed, fertilizer and equipment.  Ag industry leaders from across America work with ARA staff to promote policies that are favorable to ag retailers, and to advocate on behalf of the industry in Congress, regulatory agencies and the White House. 

Legislative and regulatory issues are at the core of our mission.  As a member of ARA you can concentrate on running your business while ARA’s Public Policy Team serves as your eyes and ears on ag regulations and legislation.  We keep you informed so you can make better business decisions.

Your Membership Matters

The number of retailers who belong to ARA directly impacts the level of influence the ag industry has in Washington, DC.  Every member makes a difference.  More and more ag retailers are recognizing the value of ARA membership.  Our membership is growing, and ARA’s message on Capitol Hill is strengthened as our numbers grow. 

ARA membership is an investment in the ability of ag retailers nationwide to make their unified voice heard by those who set policy that affects your business on a daily basis.  ARA’s efforts on behalf of retailers save you real money by keeping the costs of doing business under control.

How ARA Works for You in Our Nation’s Capital

The power of ARA membership is undeniable.  As an ARA member you have political muscle.  When ag retailers speak with one loud and clear voice, Congress listens.  This is the power of effective grassroots lobbying.

As the political voice of ag retailers, ARA:

  • Advocates for its members’ interests on specific bills;
  • Works with Congressional staff to craft reasonable legislation that balances security issues along side business interests; and
  • Educates federal agencies and congressional members on the important issues affecting the industry. 

Examples of recent ARA Actions on Capitol Hill

Protecting the Hours of Service Exemption for your drivers during the busiest parts of the growing season. (View Press Release)

Urging Congress to protect the needs of U.S. agriculture as part of any security legislation it considers, and working closely with key members of Congress to create an Agricultural Business Security Grant Program to help you meet any federal security mandates that may be imposed.

Leading efforts demanding withdrawal of the EPA’s zero-tolerance spray drift proposal.

Presenting alternatives to stringent and costly spill prevention, control and countermeasure plans requirements for small business retailers.

Requesting that the Environmental Protection Agency implement bulk pesticide storage rules fairly across all segments of the agricultural industry.  Otherwise these rules should be dropped entirely by EPA and continue to be left up to the states to properly regulate.