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The Marketing & Communications Department works to ensure that the legislative and regulatory issues of importance to ARA members are reported in a timely manner to the various audiences with whom the association relates. If you are a reporter and would like to speak with one of the issue experts on a subject, please contact Brian Reuwee, Director of Communications and Marketing, to schedule an interview at (202) 457-0825.

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  • Brian Reuwee

    Sign-Up Begins Today for Restored Disaster Assistance Programs

    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that starting April 15, eligible farmers and ranchers can sign up for U.S....

  • Brian Reuwee

    ARA Accepting Retailer of the Year Nominations

    The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) is now accepting nominations for the Agricultural Retailer of the Year...

  • Brian Reuwee

    Ag Organizations Express Concern about CWA Revisions

    The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA), CropLife America (CLA) and The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) expressed...

  • Brian Reuwee

    ARA Applauds Proposed NPDES Fix

    During the House Agriculture Committee meeting Thursday, March 13, the committee approved H.R. 935, the Reducing Regulatory...

  • Brian Reuwee

    ARA Updates American Agronomic Stewardship Alliance on ResponsibleAg Initiative

    On March 11-12, ARA Senior Vice President of Public Policy & Counsel Richard Gupton attended the American Agronomic...

  • Brian Reuwee

    ARA joins USB for Take Action Partnership

    The Agricultural Retailers Association has joined with the United Soybean Board to take action against herbicide resistant...

  • Brian Reuwee

    Ohio Agribusiness Association Launches 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program

    As regulations are being considered, the agriculture community is launching a proactive, responsible commitment aimed...

Press Releases

ResponsibleAg Names Board of Directors

The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) and The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) today announced the selection of individuals to serve on the newly formed ResponsibleAg Board of Directors. The nine representatives include:

Lucas, Hagen Named ARA Legislators of the Year

Lucas was instrumental in getting the Farm Bill through the house, and the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) was pleased recognize him as one of its 2013 Legislators of the Year. ARA also recognized Senator Kay Hagen (D-N.C.) in a separate ...

ARA, TFI Establish ResponsibleAg

ARA and TFI announce plans to create ResponsibleAg, an independent, not-for-profit organization designed to support fertilizer retailers’ compliance with federal safety and security regulations.

Schroeder Recognized for Service

Rod Schroeder, recently retired from WinField Solutions, was recognized during the ARA Annual Conference on December 4 with the Agricultural Retailers Association Distinguished Service Award. Schroeder is a former ARA board member and long-time supporter...

Farrell Installed as ARA Chairman

MIAMI – Gary Farrell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ag Enterprise Supply in
Cheney, Wash., was installed as the 2014 Chairman of the Board for ARA on December 5, during the Annual Conference at the Trump National Doral Resort in Doral,...

Former TFI President Receives Eberspacher Award

MIAMI (December 4, 2013) -- The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) recognized Ford B. West, former president of The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), with its Jack Eberspacher Lifetime Achievement Award. ARA President and Chief Executive Officer Daren...

ARA on AgriTalk

AgriTalk's Mike Adams talks with ARA Chairman Johnny Council, SVP of Policy Richard Gupton and Retailer of the Year Morral Companies live from the ARA Annual Conference in Miami on December 4.

Shared Files

Richard Gupton

In a letter U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Administrator...

Jeff Sands

Pesticide users must currently comply with a requirement that certain pesticide applications - already...

Richard Gupton

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) recently held a public hearing on a Petition for Rulemaking...

Brian Reuwee

Nine-member board represents a cross-section of the fertilizer supplier and retailer network.

Recent Blogs

  • Gary Baise

    EPA's Water Police, Part One: Coming to Your Farm?

    I just returned from Germany and Poland and was startled to discover the regulatory control the European Union exercises...

  • Brian Reuwee

    African Fertilizer Volunteer's Program: Share Your Expertise

    The African Fertilizer Volunteer's Program (AFVP) is a call to global fertilizer industry experts willing to volunteer...

  • Brian Reuwee

    Sign-Up Begins Today for Restored Disaster Assistance Programs


    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that starting April 15, eligible farmers and ranchers can sign up for U.S....


New tool ID's weeds

A new smartphone app developed by the publishers of Farm Industry News aims to help you spot trouble early for best treatment.

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Team FIN tests new DeWalt compact band saw

The Honnettes test out a new compact band saw from DeWalt. See how they rated the new tool.

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Survey shows propane irrigation engines reduce fuel costs

148 farmers replaced their irrigation with new propane-fueled ones and saw significant savings in fuel costs.

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Mother of all winters

Team FIN farmer Daryl Bridenbaugh reflects on what has been the longest and most brutal winter he can remember.

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Take a look at Google Glass

Offer this week to buy hottest wearable tech may not be for you, yet. But this video shows how the system works.

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Vertical tillage: Answers to your biggest questions

Three manufacturer reps address design differences, brand selection and potential applications of vertical tillage machines.

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RoboFlight acquires Aerial Precision Ag

Aerial Precision Ag (APA), a manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Systems for use in agriculture, has announced that it has been acquired by RoboFlight Systems Inc. RoboFlight is a geo-referenced aerial data company that processes, analyzes, and manages multi-spectral aerial imagery data.

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Syngenta to license ACE technology to boost ethanol plant productivity

"With the ACE technology, ethanol plants should be able to extract approximately 1.6 pounds of corn oil per bushel of corn."

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Planter tech roundup for 2014

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Robotic lettuce weeder headed to Midwest crops

Silicon Valley startup company Blue River Technology, Mountain View, CA, got a lot of press in 2013 when it unveiled a prototype robot that would go through fields of lettuce and ferret out the weakling heads, a process called “thinning.” Well, now it is in the news again.

The company recently received $10 million in funding, led by Data Collective Venture Capital, to bring these robots here to the Midwest to weed row crops like corn and soybeans.

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AgYield releases its new interface for 
grain marketing, risk management

Ag software company AgYield has announced it’s offering users a brand new interface at

The decision-making tool for growers helps them build their risk management and grain marketing strategy.  The program looks at cash sales, unsold bushels (marked to their local market, daily), crop insurance, hedging (futures/options, updated daily), costs of production and more.  

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Prepping your propane equipment before planting

Propane-powered pickup trucks, generators, irrigation equipment and forklifts all need to be prepped this spring before planting begins.

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Biodiesel’s future muddied by EPA’s RFS proposal

The Renewable Fuels Standard could cut biodiesel demand by 40%. Grassroots pressure on the EPA and Congress is needed through the spring. Tax incentive helps more than farmers, as rural communities benefit, too.

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Ag of the future: Tech changing genetic potential of crops

Companies are turning to biological approaches for boosting crop yields. The range of approaches is varied, from seed treatments to new sprays. Alliances bring more horsepower to product development efforts.

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Rules keep farmers grounded

Popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles for ag continue to rise, current lack of rules slows the process.

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Iowa farmer digs up interesting finds at local show

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How will you manage your crop fertility program this year?

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Just how are you planning to manage your fertility this year? Advanced nitrogen technology means your nitrogen may be working more efficiently throughout the growing season, but careful management and planning is still key. Let us know what your plan is to get the most out of your fertility program for 2014.

View the results from our other polls.

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California trip tidbits

Team FIN farmer Daryl Bridenbaugh talks about drought, robotics and more at World Ag Expo.

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Is your planter ready?

It's important to know your planter will perform well before you head out for 2014 planting. Follow these tips.

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Kinze multi-hybrid planter and how it works

In December 2013, Kinze unveiled an industry-first concept: an electric multi-hybrid planter. The system allows a grower to switch hybrids on-the-go without having to stop and refill the seed hopper. The technology that allows for the multi-hybrid planting lies in the electric-driven motors. Kinze unveiled those electric motors on their 4900 Series planter, and now they are taking it one step further by offering multi-hybrid planting.

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