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8 tech news and video items to check out

The tech tools you'll be linking all that farm data to are changing. Here are some hot topics related to general tech you'll want to check out.
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Record rains in Canada cut wheat acreage to three-year low

Statistics Canada is scheduled to release its next crop forecast on Aug. 21

Canola Crop Tour

CANOLA CROP TOUR- THURSDAY, JULY 24th Koch Agri Sales, Earlton

Kinze and Raven Partner on Next Generation Planter Solutions

To develop a standalone monitor solution for Kinze 4900 series planter

Root Rot in Edible Beans – No Easy Fix

Root rot is becoming visually evident in many edible bean fields now that beans are entering a more rapid vegetative growth phase and will have a high demand for water and nutrients.

Leal: Still Some Work To Do To Get Feds To Support Ontario RMP

Ontario Agriculture Minister Jeff Leal says he’s going to use diplomacy in a positive way to get the feds on board with the provincial risk management program.

Newly identified bacterial disease on onions

Be on the alert for bacterial diseases such as bacterial leaf blight in your onion fields.

Rotation Resistant and Rotation Susceptible Western Corn Rootworms React Similarly to Bt Corn

Based upon some earlier research, investigators hypothesized that rotation resistant western corn rootworm larvae were able to inflict more injury on Bt root systems than rotation susceptible larvae.

June Egg Production Up 3 Percent

United States egg production totaled 7.96 billion during June 2014, up 3 percent from last year. Production included 6.90 billion table eggs, and 1.06 billion hatching eggs, of which 988 million were broiler-type and 75 million were egg-type.

A Quiet Season on the Insect Front Continues in the Midst of Rootworm “Digs”

From a field crop entomology perspective, this summer remains exceptionally quiet across most areas of Illinois. Japanese beetle and soybean aphid densities have remained very low, seemingly near absent in many fields.

Soybean Futures Prices Move Higher

Ag Market Review& Closing Grain & Livestock Futures Prices

Kinze, Raven developing monitor solution

Kinze and Raven are developing a monitor that will eliminate reliance on ISOBUS.

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Texas Confirms Additional Equine VS Cases

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has confirmed July 21 that

Vesicular Stomatitis Confirmed in Boulder Co., Colorado

A Boulder County premises is under quarantine after equine vesicular stomatitis (VS) was confirmed

Colorado Reports First Equine WNV Case of 2014

Colorado animal health officials have confirmed the state's first reported equine

AAEP Foundation, Zoetis Award Scholarships to New Vets

Nine veterinary graduates of 2014 committed to careers in equine health

New Equine Hendra Case Confirmed near Gladstone, Queensland

Biosecurity Queensland has quarantined a property near Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

Novel Hepatitis Viruses in Horses Reviewed

Not long ago, when a veterinarian dealt with acute liver inflammation

What Your Senior Horse is Telling You about His Diet

Recent studies indicate that about 30% of the U.S. horse population can be considered seniors.

Are Mares with Constant Forage Access More Fertile?

Are you having trouble getting a mare in foal? Try ensuring she has constant access

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