Quick Steps (SVA TOOL)

  1. Call your cooperating state agribusiness association to register for a User Name, Password and fee for each location. If your state agribusiness association is not on the list of cooperating states, please contact Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) directly. Before you can proceed with the SVA you MUST acquire a USER NAME and PASSWORD which will be sent to you on a registration letter. If you wish to join ARA and/or your respective state association to qualify for a reduced fee on the SVA, please click on the ARA Member Benefits link and/or contact your state association. The fee structure is listed below.

    Fee Structure
    Member of ARA or CLA or TFI, & State Association $75
    Member of ARA or CLA or TFI only $150
    Member of State Association only $150
    Not a member of any agribusiness/retailer organization $300

    *For multiple-facility companies (i.e. greater than 100 facilities), please call ARA for a possible volume discount. Note: The entire SVA should take approximately one (1) hour to complete. Make sure you have all necessary facility information readily available for reference. The validity and usefulness of your final SVA report is a direct result of the accuracy and integrity of your answers when completing the online survey. Every effort must be made to read each question and choice of answers thoroughly before providing an honest answer. Adequate documentation must be available on-site to substantiate any security-related questions marked "Yes" requiring policies, criminal background checks, training, written plans, previous SVAs, etc. when a government security inspection is conducted on your site. Government inspectors will want to see your SVA hardcopy and they will want to see the substantiating documentation if you have indicated in your SVA that you have them. Since your staff will be the only ones to see the final SVA report (excepting government inspectors, of course), providing honest and accurate answers will only benefit you. · Tip: To assist you in reviewing the questions on paper before entering and submitting the data, a copy of the entire online survey can be printed off by completing Steps 2-6 below and clicking the "Print" button on your browser, then closing the program. After reading the hardcopy questions and perhaps answering them on paper if you prefer, you can then re-enter the program starting at Step 2 below and entering your User Name and Password. Do not go past Step 8 until you are ready to submit.
  2. Click on the hotlink titled: Click here to go to Security Vulnerability Assessment Program.
  3. Click on "Start" button to proceed.
  4. Type in your assigned User Name and Password.
    · Tip: User Name and password are found on your registration letter. These items must be entered exactly like you see it - they are case sensitive.
  5. Read and acknowledge the Acceptance Agreement by clicking on "I Accept".
  6. Begin process of answering your Security Vulnerability Assessment questions honestly and completely.
  7. After answering all questions, review your responses. · Tip: All questions must be answered before the website allows you to submit.
  8. Click on "Continue".
  9. Proof your information for accuracy.
  10. Click on "Print" on your browser menu bar to produce a hard copy that contains both the questions and the answers selected.
  11. Click "Continue" twice.
  12. Click on "Print" on your browser menu bar to produce a draft copy of the preliminary SVA report containing your facility's Risk Tier. You have now submitted your SVA for analysis.
  13. Close your browser.
  14. You have now successfully completed the Security Vulnerability Assessment. In 7-10 days you will receive a packet of information detailing suggested countermeasures, a final SVA report, a Certificate, generate tips for improving safety, a resource list and a special report Guidelines to Ensure a Secure Agribusiness.
  15. Once you have received your packet, review the materials and implement security countermeasures as part of a security plan for your business and/or transportation of hazardous materials. Repeat the SVA process for each location until a "Low Risk" status is achieved.