Leadership At Its Best


The Agricultural Retailers Association’s Leadership at Its Best Program, sponsored by Syngenta, is designed for emerging branch, marketing and sales managers to improve communication skills with legislators and agency personnel at all levels of government, both federal and state.

The training segments are designed to assist attendees with communicating the agricultural retail industry’s perspective on policy issues to agency leaders and government officials and how to follow up on those meetings and conversations.  This training course is designed to hone skills attendees already have and to provide them with confidence in using those skills in fast paced public forums.

Candidates who complete this program will be able to interact with government officials and agencies on all levels. Graduates will be better able to understand and interpret government actions, but also have the tools and contacts to participate in the process. Graduates may be called upon by ARA to represent the industry at hearings or other proceedings.

March 2012 Program Highlights: