NH3 Testing Clinic

Beginning in 2009, ARA partnered with the U.S Department of Transportation, Indiana Plant Food and Agricultural Chemical Association and Ohio Agribusiness Association to provide on-site clinics where attendees learn how to comply with DOT nurse tank testing requirements and to stay in compliance with Special Permit 13554.

Special Permit 13554 allows the operation of nurse tanks without ASME nameplates, providing the tanks are tested and marked as follows; external visual inspection (V), thickness test (T), and hydrostatic pressure test (P). In addition, each tank must be marked with a unique number to identify the tank, along with marking DOT-SP 13554 on the tank. For continued use, a tank must be tested and marked every five years, the owner must renew the special permit, and a current copy of the special permit must be maintained by the owner and every location the tank is filled. These tests must be performed by facilities registered with US DOT FMCSA as cargo tank testers.

Each attendee learned how to comply with DOT nurse tank testing requirements, how to become eligible to test, and how to test nurse tanks.  Each clinic began with one full day of training and a second half-day that ends in a hands-on practice session with a nurse tank taught by a DOT official.

Click for more information on Special Permit 13554 and further guidance from DOT.