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USDA weekly weather update, July 22: Cool, dry air, soil moisture favor crop production in Plains, Midwest

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Friesen Harvesting USA Silage Action Video.

5 John Deere 7980 Choppers In Action.

Following a Massive Fire in Tecumseh, Agriculture Minister Tours the Site

Ontario’s Agriculture Minsiter Jeff Leal tours Bounduelle plant following a massive fire that destroyed much the plant’s surrounding buildings.

USDA Offers PEDV Reporting Instructions, Other Details

The USDA has followed up with more specifics on how to understand and comply with its Federal Order on June 5 that requires pork producers, veterinarians and diagnostic labs to report presumptive or confirmed positive occurrences of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV), Porcine Deltacoronavirus, (PDCoV) or other swine enteric coronavirus diseases (SECDs) that meet the case definition.

Keeping Pigs and People Cool

As summer heat begins to build across much of the country, pork producers should take extra precautions to ensure the best possible care and well-being for their animals and employees.

Cover Crops Following Cereals and Late Summer Harvested Crops

What is the best cover crop species to use following wheat and other crops harvested in late summer? Cover crops can help improve soil structure, protect the soil from erosion, feed soil life, suppress weeds, cycle nutrients, provide feed for livestock and much more.

Time to scout for Western bean cutworm

Christian Krupke, entomology professor, and John Obermeyer, integrated pest management specialist at Purdue University recommend scouting corn fields and traps for Western bean cutworm, saying a large percentage of this year’s eggs will be laid over the next two weeks.

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Growing vegetable production

A new study says Saskatchewan has the potential to expand vegetable production.

The USDA helps create a universal PEDv language for the pork industry

Important definitions relating to PEDv.

PEDv: Billions and billions of virus particles

Some people have described PEDv as similar to TGEV. They are both of the family of virus Coronaviradae. Both viruses will cause up to 100 percent mortality in piglets.

FP Genetics and Paterson Grain Partner on Brasetto Fall Rye

FP Genetics is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Paterson Grain

CN Moves Record Grain in Second-Quarter, Anticipates Growth into Next Year

Canadian National Railway is predicting continuing strong results in 2014

Chipotle sourcing beef from ‘Down Under’

Chipotle looks to Australia as a source of grass-fed beef for its menu items.

Ontario Pesticide Survey Open Until 2015

Ontario growers asked to participate in crop protection use survey.

Candidate forums highlight Farmfest

Farmfest 2014 will feature an exciting line-up of feature forums, including candidate forums for Minnesota governor, U.S. Senate and congressional candidates from Minnesota’s first, second, sixth and seventh districts. The forums will be held August 5, 6, and 7, in the Wicks Forum Building, near the center of the show site, which is located at the Gilfillan Estate, 7 miles southeast of Redwood Falls, Minnesota.

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Grain Futures Prices Mostly Lower

Ag Market Review & Closing Grain & Livestock Futures Prices

Back to the Future, Part 2: Ag lending and financial management

An interesting trend in both the 1980s and today is that late in the economic cycle, many lending institutions saw opportunity in the agriculture industry, and thus came into the field of agriculture for profits.

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Canadian Seed Trade Association Elects a New President

Save Baute elected as the new president of the Canadian Seed Trade Association.

Manufacturing Sales Break Records in May

Saskatchewan’s manufacturers continue to impress in the global

2014 BMO Family Farm Award Nominees Announced

The 2014 BMO Ontario Family Farm Award nominee list released.

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