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Gummy stem blight spreading in Florida Panhandle watermelons

Gummy stem blight is currently confirmed in multiple locations in northwest and northeast Florida.

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Ron Plain: Hog Outlook

There were 669 million pounds of pork in cold storage at the end of March.

You Can Test Your Soil for Clubroot

In 2011, clubroot was found at low, non-symptomatic levels in a commercial canola field in Manitoba.

3 Fertility Questions For Seeding Time

The key with fertility decisions is to apply all of the 4 Rs

How Early Is Too Early To Seed?

Early seeding usually improves canola yield potential and quality,

3 Things You Need To Know About Pesticide Use

Around 90% of Canadian canola is exported, and our customers have high standards when it comes to clean seed

Seed Rate: Start At 5 Lb./Ac. And Tweak From There

For growers who want to keep things simple, a standard seeding rate of 5 lb./ac.

Importance of Soil Organic Matter

Well, this is National Soil Conservation Week. Tom Goddard

The corn plant will tell you when it needs nitrogen and other nutrients

The ratio that is ideal in a corn plant for nitrogen to phosphorus is 5:1 for higher yield levels, says Vyn. For nitrogen to potassium, it’s essentially 1:1.

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NUTRIQUEST Welcomes New Director of Poultry Technology and Human Resources Manager

Chet Wiernusz, Ph.D., has joined the company as Director of Poultry Technology.

USDA Releases Cattle on Feed Report.

United States Cattle on Feed Up Slightly

Poultry Industry Addresses New H5N2 Outbreaks

Podcast From The USDA and Center for Disease Control Experts.

Durum Wheat Up - Canola Down in Saskatchewan

The latest farmer survey by StatsCan shows seeding intentions in Saskatchewan are up for durum wheat and down for canola.

Ritz Says Capital Gains Exemption Better Reflects Farm Values

This week’s federal budget is getting good reviews from the majority of Canada’s agriculture sector.

Time of day matters with Gramoxone burndown

Time of day can has a big effect on the performance of herbicides like Gramoxone and Liberty.

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Weekly Grains and Oilseeds Market Summary

First off today, as we do every Friday, we get an update on the grains and oilseeds markets.

SOIL CARE – Will we make the right choices?

2015 is International Year of the Soil, and from April 19-25, National Soil Conservation Week brings focus to soil care in Canada.

Red Meat Production Up 7 Percent From Last Year

Pork production totaled 2.11 billion pounds, up 14 percent from the previous year.

Donate used farm tires to support the Sunshine Foundation of Canada

Ontario farmers can turn old tires into something useful with the Tire Take Back event in June.

Cropline Podcast – April 23, 2015

We chat about field work this spring and making sure we are diligent about biosecurity protocols to minimize the risk of the Avian influenza virus.

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