ARA members and non-members have a wealth of services available to them. This includes communications regarding important industry issues, opportunities to influence legislation, as well as educational and networking opportunities and more. 

Member Directory 

The ARA Member Directory is a searchable online database that provides members with an easy way to find other ARA member contacts and even send that person a message or contact request. A search may be conducted by name, company, state and even educational background. Click here to see all the search options available.
A log in is required to use the member directory and create or update your personal profile.

Member Services Binder

The ARA Member Binder outlines the organizational structure and services available to members.  Click here to view a PDF of the binder.
A log in is required to use the member directory and create or update your personal profile.

Staff Access & Technical Assistance  

ARA staff can directly assist members on specific business issues when they are affected by legislative or regulatory events.


The ARA website offers expanded opportunities for members to access information and network with one another through issue-focused online communities.  Each member is able to set up an online profile, contribute to various blogs and discussions groups, and access libraries for newsletter archives, regulation compliance guidance and alerts on specific issues.

ARA Annual Conference & Expo

The ARA Annual Conference & Expo is the “can’t miss” event for the industry.  The conference offers a dynamic program full of presentations from leading industry executives as well as practical information you can use to improve your business as well as endless networking opportunities and special events.

Education & Training

ARA offers a wide variety of educational opportunities and training manuals to keep its members informed and allow them to focus on running their business.

•    ARA Management Academy
•    Leadership at its Best
•    NH3 Training Manual & DVD
•    Asmark SVA Program
•    Crisis Communications Training
•    Webinars

Industry Information

ARA is the source for industry information.  Members receive a complementarity subscription to AgProfessional magazine, a monthly magazine that provides editorial and advertising for agronomic and business management solutions, as well as other industry resources and tools.

•    Model Fertilizer Contract
•    ARA Fertilizer Trade Rules
•    Asmark SVA Program
•    Retailer Survey
•    SPCC Brochure
•    EPA Pesticide Container & Containment Rule Brochure

ARA Communications

ARA sends alerts to members to notify them of important industry news and regulatory or legislative changes that could impact business.  At times these alerts contain information asking member involvement in the legislative process by contacting your representatives on certain issues.   Members also receive Retailer Fact$, a bi-monthly e-newsletter to keep you and your staff informed about the latest issues.
ARA "Proud Member" Logo

Any ARA member in good standing with the organization is encouraged to use the ARA Proud Member logo if they sign and agree to the terms of a logo use agreement.  Use of the logo shows members belong to an influential group while also promoting the organization.  Please contact Michelle Hummell at Michelle@aradc.org for more information. 

Click here to download the Proud Member User Agreement.

ARA Partnership with American Jobs for America's Heroes

ARA has partnered with American Jobs for America's Heroes, an alliance of the National Guard, the Center for America (CFA), Corporate America Supports You (CASY) and the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) to help unemployed National Guard members, veterans and spouses find skilled jobs in the private sector. AJAH Logo

There are National Guard units in all 54 states and U.S. territories. Of 358,000 members, 60,000+ are unemployed. National Guard members are valuable employees. Only one in four applicants are accepted into the National Guard.

National Guard members train continuously in programs provided in 107 categories, from leadership, administration and logistics to electronics, operations and maintenance. They demonstrate a readiness for learning, responsibility for good teamwork and reliability, and they understand how to perform in a disciplined organization.

Click here to learn more.