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A.J. Sackett & Sons Co 13
Manufacturer of industrial equipment
www.ajsackett.com 410-276-4466

Accu-Steel Cover Buildings 68
Fabric covered steel truss pre-engineered buildings: grain,
fertilizer, equipment, cattle
www.asicoverbuildings.com 877-338-6936

Ag Container Recycling Council 47
Industry funded organization that collects and recycles crop protection product containers in a manner that fosters public health, environmental protection, and customer convenience
www.acrecycle.org 877-952-2272

Ag Leader Technology 62
Leader in Precision Ag
www.agleader.com 515-232-5363

AGCO Application Equipment 6/7/8
Rogators, Terragators and sprayers
www.agcocorp.com 770-813-9200

AgProfessional Magazine 1/2
Providing agronomic and business management solutions to the retailer
www.agprofessional.com 913-438-0700

Agrian, Inc. 39
Web based agridata tracking system for growers, crop
advisors, applicators and processors
www.agrian.com 559-437-5700

Agricultural Retailers Association Foyer
Serving as the ag retail and distribution industry’s
voice, the Agricultural Retailers Association advocates
before Congress and the Executive Branch to ensure a
profitable business environment for members.
www.aradc.org 202-457-0825

Agrium Advanced Technologies 53
AAT is a major retail supplier of agricultural products in both North and South America
www.agriumat.com 970-292-9000

Arborite AG 76
A urease inhibitor with proven NBPT technology
www.arboritefertilizer.com 912-593-8392

AutoCopter Corp. 82 Foyer
HD with 7FD (NEW) video and multi spectral camera solution
www.autocopter.net 704-835-0314

Barrier Plastics 70
Permeation resistant HDPE containers for ag chemicals
www.barrierplastics.com 949-380-1611

Bayer CropScience 56/57
Global leader in crop protection, fungicides, herbicides,
insecticides and seed treatments
www.bayercropscienceus.com 919-549-2000

Cargotec USA Inc. 71/72
Hiab Moffett truck mounted forklift-material handling solutions
www.hiabus.com 800-852-2331

Case IH 40/41
Full line provider of agricultural equipment and services
www.caseih.com 262-636-6011

CDMS, Inc. 31/32
ADVISOR is a comprehensive web-based Agronomy
Management System
www.cdms.net 800-237-2367

CF Industries, Inc. 17/18
Fertilizer industry’s trusted partner with world-class
manufacturing, global market access, an extensive distribution network, and premier service
www.cfindustries.com 800-462-8565

Country Hedging Subsidiary of CHS, Inc. 52
Crop nutrients risk management
www.countryhedging.com 800-328-6530

CropLife Media Group 19
Retailer-focused integrated media company
www.croplife.com 440-942-2000

Cultura Technologies Inc. 66
Agribusiness software including AgroGuide agronomy
management and precision analysis system
www.culturatech.com 800-518-0472

Dome Corp. of North America 24
Design and construct fertilizer storage buildings
www.dome-corp-na.com 989-777-2050

Doyle Equipment Mfg. Co. 43
Manufacturer of blending, conveying, and spreading equipment
www.doylemfg.com 800-788-8085

Drexel Chemical Co. 65
Agricultural chemical manufacturer
www.drexchem.com 901-774-4370

E-Markets, Inc. 73
Sell and implement software to run your agribusiness
www.e-markets.com 877-674-7419

El Dorado Chemical Co. 9
Nitrogen fertilizer manufacturer of Ammonium Nitrate, UAN, and NH3
www.eldoradochemical.com 800-264-2853

Engage Agro USA 75
Crop protection and nutritional products for turf and niche crop markets
www.EngageAgroUSA.com 928-445-7990

Farm Chem Corp. 22
Chemical, seed and fertilizer handling equipment
www.farmchem.com 800-247-1854

Farm Market ID 79
Data and marketing solutions for companies selling to the ag industry or rural lifestyle markets
www.farmmarketid.com 800-313-4778

FMC Corporation 26
Wide variety of crop protection products including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides
www.FMCcrop.com 888-593-6224

Great Salt Lake Minerals 74
Largest North American producer of sulphate of potash (SOP) and other micro-nutrient products
www.gslminerals.com 913-344-9300

Greater Saint Charles Missouri 78
Offering centrally located meeting accommodations for up to 3,000 people
www.historicstcharles.com 800-366-2427

Green Markets/Dealer Report 69
Fertilizer news, pricing, regulation and supply chain
www.greenmarkets.pf.com 800-401-5937

GVM, Inc. 48/49
Providing precision application equipment, parts, and services for over 30 years
www.gvminc.com 800-345-3546            





Hagie Manufacturing Co. 63/64
Hagie self-propelled sprayers
www.hagie.com 515-532-2861            

Heartland Tank Services, Inc.
New API 650 tank erection; internal containment liners; API 653 tank inspections
www.heartlandtankservices.com 800-774-3230

Honeywell 29
Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer; granular, midgrade, and soluble
www.SULFN.com 800-446-3022

A global leader in marketing of fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials
www.icecglobal.com 832-764-5135

J.C. Ramsdell Enviro Services 61
Secondary containment
www.jcramsdell.com 605-997-3706

John Deere Corporate Business Div. 44
Nutrient application products for dry fertilizer, liquid and NH3
www.johndeere.com 888-222-7239

John Deere Financial 46
Ag financing needs
www.farmplan.com 800-356-7033

John Deere IVS 45
Intelligent vehicle systems
www.deere.com 309-912-2642

Junge Control, Inc. 77
Fertilizer, chemical, seed, aerial, feed and fuel automation equipment
www.jungecontrol.com 319-365-0686

Kahler Automation Corp. 50
Plant automation
www.kahlerautomation.com 507-235-6648

Kleinfelder 83 Foyer
Kleinfelder provides science, architecture, and engineering solutions to Agribusiness.
www.kleinfelder.com 913-647-5005

Koch Agronomic Services, LLC 3
Enhanced efficiency products such as AGROTAIN, AGROTAIN Plus and SuperU
www.agrotain.com 888-425-8732

Magnablend 51
Custom chemical manufacturing, blending and packaging
www.magnablend.com 972-938-2028

MANA Crop Protection 67
Crop protection products
www.manainc.com 866-406-MANA

Marcus Construction Company 30
Commodity storage, dry fertilizer, liquid chemical, DDG and flat grain storage facilities
www.marcusconstruction.com 800-367-3424

Mid-State Tank Co., Inc. 37/38
Stainless agriculture applicator, nurse, bulk chemical tanks
www.midstatetank.com 800-722-8343

Mosaic 14/27
DAP, MAP, MOP, K-mag® and MicroEssentials®
www.mosaicco.com 763-577-2700

Murray Equipment, Inc. 42
Liquid plant design, full line of equipment, automation
www.murrayequipment.com 800-348-4753

New Leader 58/59/60
Crop nutrient applicators
www.newleadervip.com 800-363-1771

Nutrients for Life Foundation 81 Foyer
Foundation educating youth about fertilizer and its role in our lives
www.nutrientsforlife.org 800-962-9065

PrecisionEarth 4
iPad apps for spatial data collection, scouting, and recordkeeping
www.precisionearth.com 270-293-4406

ProPartners Financial 25
Financing programs for agribusiness for their customers
www.ppfcredit.com 916-774-0310

Purdue Univ. Center for Food and Ag. 80 Foyer
ARA Management Academy
www.agecon.purdue.edu/cab 765-494-4247

Ranco Fertiservice, Inc. 28
Dry fertilizer blending and handling equipment
www.ranco.org 712-283-2525

Raven Industries 20/21
Slingshot, field computers, guidance and steering, boom controls
www.ravenprecision.com 800-243-5435

SFP 12
Fertilizer enhancement products
www.sfp.com 888-446-GROW

Sharda USA, LLC 11
Generic, post-patent crop protection chemicals
www.shardausa.com 609-208-1870

Software Solutions Integrated, LLC 16
Agvance Accounting, Agvance Blending, Agvance Planning, Agvance Mapping, Agvance Grain
www.agvance.net 800-752-7912

SST Software 55
SST Summit and Summit Professional data management software
www.sstsoftware.com 405-377-5334

Stueve Construction Co.  Foyer 84
Dry fertilizer, storage buildings
www.stueve.com  515-295-3110

Syngenta 5
Crop protection, seeds
www.syngenta.com 336-632-6000

U.S. Borax Inc. 23
Borate fertilizer
www.borax.com/agriculture 800-872-6729

Waconia Mfg., Inc. 15
Dry fertilizer blending and handling equipment
www.waconiamfg.com 952-442-4450

Willowood USA 33
Generic manufacturer of a complete line of crop protection products
www.willowoodusa.com 541-679-9963

XS Inc. 54
Data management, market research, precision ag analytics, automation
www.xsinc.com 919-379-3512

Yargus Manufacturing, Inc 35/36
Fertilizer and blending equipment
www.yargus.com 217-826-6352