NH3 Training

Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Manual

ARA recognizes that safety and environmental stewardship rank high on the list of priorities for many agricultural retailers. Nitrogen is a valuable resource for growing corn and wheat, and anhydrous ammonia (NH3) provides agricultural retailers and farmers with a low cost, easy to use and readily available form.

ARA has obtained the rights to reproduce an established safety training program that shows agricultural retailers and others use correct procedures for the safe handling of NH3. Completion of the training course can help individuals meet the state and federal training requirements required for handling and use of NH3. The program is similar to the NH3 safe use instructions recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. Show your company’s industry leadership and concern for the environment and safety of those working with NH3 by purchasing and sponsoring the NH3 Safety Training Manual.

NH3 Safety Manual Pricing

$12.00 each 

$25.00 Training Video DVD

To place an order please contact David McKnight at David@aradc.org or (202) 595-1710.