Retailer Insight Key to Farmer Success

By Ken Fister posted 02-03-2017 16:25


With hope and promise, the agricultural industry welcomes 2017. To balance the excitement of the new and unknown, growers look to familiar faces for guidance.

As their most trusted adviser, you are a primary source of their strength. Your insight into their farms’ unique challenges enables you to prescribe precise solutions that will elevate their productivity and profits.

At Syngenta, we proudly partner with you in finding the solutions that best fit each farm. Every year, we spend more than $1.3 billion in research and development, investing in state-of-the-art technologies, active ingredients and traits. A portion of these funds also goes toward developing industry-leading premixes that combine new and established chemistries, conveniently formulated to help growers overcome some of their most difficult threats.

A prime example is our ever-evolving herbicide portfolio and the lead role it is playing in the battle against weed resistance. The phrase “What’s old is new again” is particularly relevant in this area. But even as it reaches its 10th year on the market, Halex® GT corn herbicide continues to deliver excellent weed control year after year. Specifically designed for glyphosate-tolerant corn, Halex GT is an integral part of weed resistance management programs.

The momentum of the Syngenta herbicide lineup continues to grow with the federal registration of Talinor – pending state registration. With its two active ingredients and two modes of action, Talinor delivers excellent standalone control of resistant and other difficult-to-control broadleaf weeds, including kochia, mayweed chamomile, Russian thistle and wild buckwheat. In addition to flexible crop rotation and a wide application window, the new herbicide for cereals provides excellent tank-mix flexibility and is an ideal mix partner with Axial® brand herbicides for one-pass grass and broadleaf weed control.

Behind every Syngenta brand, a deep bench of experts—from our local sales and agronomy teams in the field to our formulation professionals and researchers in the lab—stands ready to discover and share with you the next innovation that will positively impact agriculture. After all, our partnership is steeped in a tradition of trust with an eye toward new frontiers.

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