Annual Reports

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6 months ago
The ARA Annual Report provides a summary of advocacy activities, initiatives, programs, member services and awards presented in 2015. It highlights the strategic accomplishments of the association and financial performance, as well as recognizes the 2015 ARA Retailer of the Year: The Andersons.
one year ago
Focused Forward: Navigating the Next Reality. The annual report looks back on the achievements, activities and programs of the association during 2014. A printed version is mailed to all primary members, directors and committee members.
2 years ago
Responsibility in Action, Resilient by Nature: the Annual Report highlights the achievements, programs and activities of the Agricultural Retailers Association during the 2013 calendar year. Special thanks to Monsanto for its generous sponsorship of the 2013 Annual Report.
3 years ago
The 2012 ARA Annual Report highlights the organization's many accomplishments from the last year and progress towards the goals outlined in ARA's strategic plan. We appreciate the support of all ARA member companies. Without your support, these accomplishments would not have been possible.
4 years ago
This Annual Report highlights ARA's accomplishments in 2011.
5 years ago
ARA's Annual Report for 2010