ARA Signs Letter to EPA on Draft Guidance for Plant Regulator Label Claims

On July 25, ARA signed a letter from the Biostimulant Coalition, along with several other organizations, addressed to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the draft guidance for plant regulator label claims. According to the letter, plant biostimulants improve natural plant nutritional processes, which results in improved plant health, tolerance to abiotic, and other environmental stresses to increase overall growth, quality and yield.

The letter breaks down comments into five categories: ongoing regulatory uncertainties, impacts on innovation, economic implications, market access for plant biostimulant products and accessibility for end users. ARA and the coalition appreciate EPA's time, attention and effort in seeking comments on the Draft Plant Biostimulant Guidance but still seek clarity with respect to the existing statutes and regulations under EPA's purview, the letter says.

Read the full letter here.

Find the economic appendix here.