Wise Investments Can Produce Better Yields

By Christian Lippuner posted 06-07-2017 15:53


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Crop inputs, such as fungicides, are often a winning proposition, even during a period of low commodity prices.

Like all complex industries, agriculture sometimes defies logic. Saving more and investing less in crop inputs may seem to make the most sense for growers when commodity prices are low. But at the end of the season, the opposite approach may generate more revenue on farms.

Take disease management for example. Once considered optional for many crops outside fruits and vegetables, fungicides—particularly the most recent technologies—can give corn, soybean and cereal growers a potential three-to-one return on investment. Given today’s market environment, maximizing yield is core for growers, and the right fungicide can help them do just that.

At Syngenta, our deep-rooted passion for agriculture and knowledge of crop-protection chemistry are driving an unprecedented wave of disease-control innovations.

The Solatenol® fungicides—including Trivapro® in row crops and Elatus® in peanuts and potatoes—made their full-season debuts in 2016.

On farms across the country, these products, which are like nothing growers have seen before, are demonstrating their exceptional, long-lasting value in managing yield-reducing diseases. Syngenta simultaneously debuted the Orondis® fungicides, which offer a new mode of action for controlling oomycete-caused diseases in vegetables, potatoes and tobacco.

With disease pressure expected to remain high and premix formulations now available for most of our key brands, the value and convenience of the Syngenta fungicide portfolio have never been greater. And neither has the potency of our pipeline.

Our 2017 Grow More™ Experience sites will give visitors an in-field preview of our next step in disease control—Adepidyn® fungicide. Upon registration, Syngenta will market the formulations of this remarkable new active ingredient under the Miravis® fungicide product line.

For the remainder of this season, low prices for crops, including corn, soybeans and wheat, are headwinds growers and resellers will continue to face. But we at Syngenta are ready to support our customers with the products, services and solutions that can lead to a more productive and successful tomorrow.