Taking the Guesswork Out of Decision Making

By Scott Kay posted 10-04-2017 11:15


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P192_H7A7924.jpgFarming is going digital but it can often be confusing as to what tools help or hinder the decision-making process for each growing season.

A key thing farmers have been telling us at BASF is, “Look, there are lots of data sources and tools. I don’t always know how to use that data to make a decision on my farm. Can you make it easy for us to navigate lots of different data sources?”

Earlier this year, BASF acquired ZedX, a company that develops agronomic weather, crop and pest models that can rapidly translate data into insights for more efficient agricultural production. It’s really enabled us to help farmers make a better decision based on their local weather conditions.

One example of this is the BASF rainfall tool, which shows predicted rainfall based on compiled historical rainfall data by specific geography, enabling growers to choose the right herbicides for their individual growing conditions, available online at reliableactivation.com

This knowledge is important because timely, adequate rainfall is essential for activating residual herbicides and delivering needed weed control. The BASF rainfall tool can be used to show how likely an area is to receive a quarter-inch of rain, rather than one inch, during key application windows.

How does this end up benefiting your retail operation? Armezon® PRO herbicide, a highly flexible pre- and post-emergent corn herbicide, can be activated at a quarter-inch of rainfall. Other herbicides can take up to an inch of rain. When you can administer more accurate recommendations to your customers, you will be able to increase their trust in your judgment and the amount of products they purchase from you in the future, enabling you to stay customer focused for the long run.

With many alternatives for farmers currently available in the digital space, BASF is careful to design its digital tools to make sure the customer experience is simple and easy.

This is just one tangible example of how we can take an existing product and years of weather data, put those two things together to make a better decision and ultimately grow a better crop. Visit our site at reliableactivation.com to see how you can use this simple tool to manage your herbicide recommendations.

Always read and follow label directions.

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