Protecting Nitrogen in Volatile Weather Conditions


Volatile Weather

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Help Farmers Protect their Nitrogen Investment

Volatile weather conditions mean growers need to change how they handle their nitrogen.  Increased rainfall followed by long dry spells and warm winters can lead to increased nitrogen losses if growers don’t plan accordingly and protect their nitrogen investment. Studies have shown that nitrogen losses can reach up to 40% or more if urea is applied incorrectly.

The Solution 

A smarter nitrogen source just makes sense for growers. ESN, is a flexible, polymer-coated urea granule that controls the release of nitrogen to crops. Release matches plant demand based on soil temperature – an important trigger for plant growth. ESN releases when your crops need it, which helps to significantly reduce N loss to the environment. ESN also provides flexibility, allowing application over a range of times during the year and in a variety of weather conditions.  ESN can help mitigate some of the effects of volatile weather conditions that can lead to N loss. 

Good for growers, smart for retailers.

Help customers increase efficiencies and increase yields so they can keep farming across a range of conditions. Build trust, and give growers the tools they need to take control of nitrogen loss. The consistent results and strong yields of ESN Smart Nitrogen will keep customers coming back for more. 

Better results for your customers, better returns for you. That’s smart.