Argus FMB Added Value Fertilizers

When:  Apr 24, 2017

Enhanced efficiency fertilizers, specialties, water solubles, inhibitors, slow and controlled release micronutrients, foliar fertilizers, biostimulants – these are the biggest buzz words for anyone looking to develop new fertilizer products and add value to blends.  

The appeal is easy to understand – for farmers, the increased nutrient use efficiency delivers improved yields and drives operational efficiencies. And for fertilizer producers and dealers, the move away from ‘straight’ commoditized products is the best opportunity for differentiation and better margins.

If you want fresh insights and the right contacts to expand in this rapidly growing market, Argus FMB Added Value Fertilizers is designed for you.

Aimed at fertilizer producers, distributors, dealers, blenders and specialty producers, this new conference from fertilizer market experts Argus combines the commercial and agronomic insights you need to:

  • Assess growth trends and the size of your opportunity in specialty and enhanced efficiency fertilizers
  • Add value to commodity products with urease and nitrification inhibitors, coatings for slow and controlled release and higher efficiency phosphate technology
  • Incorporate micronutrients into formulations to maximize yields and increase your margins
  • Develop specialty and foliar fertilizers for high-value horticulture
  • Examine the role which biostimulants can play in added value fertilizers

Whether you are an expert in specialties, you are looking to expand or are totally new to this market, you will find new insights and meet new contacts to drive the next stage of your business growth.

Who should attend?

Argus FMB Added Value Fertilizers is aimed at anyone who wants to assess the commercial and agronomic benefits of specialty and enhanced efficiency fertilizers, in order to drive business strategy, R&D investment and sales processes. 

The agenda content is designed for

  • Commodity fertilizer producers
  • Dealers / blenders
  • Distributors
  • Specialty fertilizer producers
  • Micronutrients producers
  • Stabilizer manufacturers
  • Biostimulants developers   
  • Production technology manufacturers


Miami, FL