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Retailer_Facts_ORANGE_600x259.jpgRetailer Fact$ is delivered directly to the inboxes of more than 3,000 agricultural retail executives, general managers, agronomists, technicians, salespeople, input suppliers and affiliate members every other week. ARA’s e-newsletter open rate is trending towards 25 percent with click through rates as high as 45 percent. Take this opportunity to reach an influential group of stakeholders with significant purchasing -- and selling -- power.


Published every other Tuesday. Closing date is the Tuesday before distribution. Ad materials are due Thursdays before publication. Cancellations received after the closing date will be assessed a 50 percent surcharge for ad space reserved.


The ARA website,, is the communications hub for the association. Editorial content from Retailer Fact$, Member Alerts, ARA Press Releases, Letters to Agencies and Congress and more are posted on the website.

The site receives more than 1,400 unique visitors per month. On average, visitors view 3.75 pages and stay on the site for more than three minutes. The site’s bounce rate – the percentage of visitors who leave without interact with the site – is less than 55 percent, and almost 30 percent of visitors are returning to the site. These statistics show that visitors to the ARA website stay on the site, read the content and come back frequently, all of which makes it a great place for your ad to be seen.

A front page banner rotator position is available. Other ads run randomly on inside pages of the website or within discussion pages of online communities.

Discounts and Terms

Package discounts for advertisers in Retailer Fact$, Annual Report and ARA website. Ten percent discount for advertising in any two, 15 percent discount for advertising in all three. Package discounts are also available for advertising in multiple issues. Maximum discount is 20 percent off published rates. No cash discounts. Invoice payments due 30 days after invoice date. A late charge of 1.5% per month will be made on outstanding accounts after 30 days.

Mechanical Requirements

All artwork should be submitted at 100 percent and should match specified ad sizes. Any revisions or modifications that need to be made to artwork will be charged to advertiser in addition to current ad space rates. Materials for print must be high resolution (300 DPI+) files in JPG, TIF, PDF or EPS format. Fonts MUST be embedded in PDF files or converted to outlines in EPS files. Please include your company name in the file name. Materials for digital publication should be submitted in JPG, PNG or GIF format at a resolution between 72 and 150 DPI. Please include a URL to link to the photo.

Sample Retailer Fact$

Retailer Fact$ Specifications

Description Specifications Price
Vertical 140 x 600px $500
Horizontal 600 x 200px $500
Sponsored Content* $750

*Up to 1500 words. Jumps to website at approximately 150 words.

Website Specifications

Description Specifications Pricing Period
Inside Horizontal 962x125px $500 Quarterly
Discussion Ad 190x190px $300 Quarterly
Sponsored Content $500

Advertising Contact

Please submit contracts and address all questions and correspondence regarding advertising to Melisa A. Augusto, or (202) 595-1712.

Sample Sponsored Content

Sample Ads

Retailer Fact$ Banner (600x200)


Retailer Fact$ Banner (140x600)

Inside Horizontal (962x125)


Discussion (190x190)