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Local Retailers Improve Nutrient Management and Efficiency

According to a recent case study, consulting with a local ag retailer on cover crops, precision technology and soil health can benefit conservation and improve the bottom line for farmers. The case study was presented by Gary Farrell, president and CEO of Ag Enterprise Supply, based in...

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Iowa Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Drainage Districts

Court Says Des Moines Water Works Cannot Win Damages in Farm Runoff Case Significant Victory for Agriculture But Case Not Complete The Iowa Supreme Court ruled today that the three counties being sued by the Des Moines Water Works are immune from damage claims. The Des Moines Water Works...

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Field Day Educates EPA on Drift Reduction Technology

AEM, ARA Host Drift Reduction Field Day Rapid advancements in precision agriculture equipment give custom applicators and farmers a range of technologies to minimize spray drift. However, regulatory policy is narrowly focused on nozzles. The Agricultural Retailers Association and...

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Fall Applied ESN for Winter Wheat Success

Sponsored content provided by ESN Smart Nitrogen Growers preparing for a busy cross-over season of harvest and winter wheat seeding should consider taking a load off their minds with ESN Smart Nitrogen. Ray Dowbenko, Senior Specialist – Agronomy, with Agrium Corporate, has seen firsthand...

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Not All Herbicides are Created Equal

With the increasing threat of herbicide resistance in weeds, the use of herbicides with multiple modes of action and overlapping residual activity has become critical to the success of any weed management program. As weeds have evolved and become harder to manage, many weed control programs have...

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Zika Vector Control Act

ARA, the Pesticide Policy Coalition and other organizations have developed several documents to help lawmakers and the general public sort through the misinformation circulating around the Zika Vector Control Act (HR 897).According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), no...

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House to Debate NPDES Bill

The Agricultural Retailers Association needs your help today in reaching out to members of your state's Congressional delegation to thank those that have voted YES on HR 897 last week, and request their continued support for this legislation. Last week's vote when HR 897 was considered under...

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CSB Report on West Fertilizer Fire and Explosion

This is the draft investigation and recommendation report provided to the Chemical Safety Board for approval on January 27, 2016. #Environment #WestFertilizer #PressRelease #MemberAlert #labor #AN #PSM #RMP #CSB


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Four Retailers Recognized with Environmental Respect Awards

Four retail facilities were recognized for their stewardship efforts with the Environmental Respect Award. Mike Hemman , DuPont Western Business Unit Leader, conferred the awards in a ceremony December 3. “The companies recognized today are true ambassadors of our industry,” said Hemman . ...

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EPA Revises Worker Protection Standard

The Environmental Protection Agency announced stronger protections for the nation’s two million agricultural workers and their families working on farms, forests, nurseries, and greenhouses on Monday. EPA revised the existing Worker Protection Standard, 40 CFR part 170, to reduce occupational...