A partnership between the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA), the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) International Certified Crop Advisers Program,  Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, the SPARC Initiative is focused on equipping trusted advisers to deliver improved sustainability outcomes.

Knowledge and Resources

Dig in to the resources below to learn more about offering sustainability services to your farmer customers and documenting your collective impact. We are busy creating more online learning modules and guides to help you develop a sustainability program, make the business case to your farmers-customers and measure the success of your efforts.

Know the Issues: Partners in Stewardship
(click here to download)

This set of fact sheets are meant for you to share with your clients and start the discussion about how—with your help— farmers can better understand the challenges and opportunities of sustainable agriculture, where they can improve the sustainability performance and efficiency of their operation, how to demonstrate progress and share their story. If you would like to customize these fact sheets with your organization's logo and contact information, please contact Field to Market's 
Educational Resource Manager to request the design files.

SPARC Sustainability Training Manual (click here to download)
This manual can be used by ag retailers who wish to train their staff on sustainability. Intended as a companion to the online modules,  the  manual offers discussion points and key questions to help teams gain a deeper understanding of the value to both their clients and their business of offering products and services that support improved environmental outcomes.

Online Learning Modules

Hosted in the American Society of Agronomy’s Online Learning Classroom, this series of learning modules covers the what, why and how of agricultural sustainability and the role of the trusted adviser in driving continuous improvement.

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