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Farm Bill

Ag retailers and distributors are vital to the nation's food security success, serving farmers the right crop inputs, crop consulting, and custom pesticide and fertilizer application at the right time. With the Farm Bill up for reauthorization this year, ARA is advocating for several measures to be included to ensure that science-based regulations and the oversight of pesticides is based on scientific expertise of career regulators at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Pesticide Programs and state lead agencies.

ARA's Position

  • Support the Increased TSP Access Act of 2023 (HR 3036/S 1400);
  • Support the Plant Biostimulant Act of 2023 (HR 1472/S 802);
  • Support the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act (HR 5089) - NPDES Pesticide General Permits (PGP) for applications approved under FIFRA is unnecessary, costly, & offers no more environmental protections;
  • Support legislation ensuring EPA OPP & state agencies have exclusive pesticide regulatory authority, bipartisan language from 2018 House Farm Bill;
  • Support the Agricultural Labeling Uniformity Act (HR 4288);
  • Preserve crop insurance program & safety nets;
  • Work with USDA-RMA to modify prevented planting dates, lessening impact on ag retail;
  • Maintain current acreage dedicated to Conservation Programs (CRP/CSP) & protect working lands; and
  • Support statistical survey work by National Agricultural Statistical Service to support the Conservation Effects Assessment Project by USDA NRCS.


Each year, ARA members decide a new set of public policy issues to steer the association's advocacy efforts with elected officials and regulatory agencies in Washington during the annual ARA Legislative Fly-In and beyond.

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DC Help Desk

ARA's DC Help Desk member service is a direct line to ag public policy experts. Send regulatory and legislative questions to the DC Help Desk for support. ARA members may also use this service to request help when scheduling a facility tour with their elected official in Congress.