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ASA Continuing Education / CCA Prep

Foundations of Applied Agronomy Training Program

Self-Paced, Online Agronomy Training Program!

Foundations of Applied Agronomy was developed by the American Society of Agronomy to prepare learners for the International Certified Crop Adviser (ICCA) Exam and to build the expertise of persons in production agriculture, consulting, business, and conservation. The series provides a comprehensive online learning experience that covers topics in nutrient management, soil and water management, pest management, and crop management. In-field practitioners will review the knowledge and skills that are most needed by a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA), while others will obtain a foundational knowledge in topics relevant to the agricultural profession.

What to Expect:

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  • 4 Sections
  • 5 Modules per Section
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Module Quizzes
  • 1-1.5 Hours per Module
  • 20-30 Hours for the Whole Series
  • Available by Section or as a Whole Series


  • $200 per each Section (Nutrient Management, Soil & Water Management, Pest Management, or Crop Management)
  • $675 for the whole Foundations Series (all four Sections).
  • Group pricing is available for ARA member companies.

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Training Topics & Outline

The series comprises four sections: Nutrient Management, Soil & Water Management, Pest Management, and Crop Management, each with five modules that align with the ICCA Performance Objectives. The Foundations series covers ICCA material using graphics, video inserts, and animations.

Foundations of Applied Agronomy
  • Nutrient Management Modules: (1) Basic Concepts of Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility; (2) Soil Testing, Plant Tissue Analysis, and Nutrient Diagnostics; (3) Nutrient Sources, Placement, and Timing; (4) Soil pH and Liming; and (5) Nutrient Management Planning
  • Soil & Water Management Modules: (1) Basic Soil Properties; (2) Site Characterization; (3) Residue and Tillage Management and Soil Erosion; (4) Restrictive Soil Layers, Soil Management Effects on Air Quality, and Water Quality; and (5) Soil-Plant and Water Relations, Water and Solute Movement, and Irrigation and Drainage
  • Pest Management Modules: (1) Basic Concepts of Pest Management; (2) Pest Identification; (3) Sampling and Monitoring and Decision-Making Guidelines; (4) Pest Management Strategies; and (5) Environmental Stewardship, Health and Safety
  • Crop Management Modules: (1) Cropping Systems and Hybrid / Variety Selection; (2) Crop Establishment; (3) Crop Growth, Development, and Diagnostics; (4) Applied Information Technologies, Crop Harvest and Storage; and (5) Crop Production Economics

The Foundations of Applied Agronomy series covers topics such as nutrient characteristics, soil health, resource conservation, irrigation and drainage, water quality, soil and tissue analysis / interpretation, fertilizers, pest identification and sampling, crop growth stages, soil pH and liming, timing of harvest, marketing and storage, and managing production risk. 

Online Classroom Subscription

A subscription to the live webinar and Online Classroom gives you unlimited access to numerous educational resources for one full year. It provides a low cost, easy way to earn CEUs on a diverse array of topics that impact your daily work in the field and in the office. See below to explore features and pricing, and to sign up for this service.


  • Unlimited access to most courses in the Online Classroom for one year: The classroom is composed of roughly 230 courses. Only a few multi-module courses are excluded from the subscription, meaning most of these courses are available to you anytime, anywhere.
  • Unlimited access to nearly all live webinars for one year: This includes both sponsored and non-sponsored webinars, meaning you can attend nearly any webinar you want, enabling you to interact with the speaker through dynamic question and answer periods. As with the Online Classroom, a few multi-module webinar series are excluded from the subscription.
  • On-demand, low cost Continuing Education Unit (CEU) opportunities from anywhere you have an internet connection: With a subscription, you can earn as many CEUs as you need to meet your certification's CEU requirements. Since the ASA/SSA Online Classroom is full of courses spanning all the CEU categories, you don't need to worry about finding a way to fulfill your CEU obligations. Plus, with nearly unlimited access to live webinars, you can conveniently earn CEUs while learning the latest in agronomy science through interaction with subject matter experts.


  • $100/year for Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs), Certified Professional Agronomists (CPAgs), Certified Professional Soil Scientists (CPSSs), Certified Soil Classifiers (CPSCs), and Society Members
  • $145/year for all others


American Society of Agronomy Live Webinars

Watch live or later!

Registration for a webinar includes access to the live webinar and a link to a recording of the webinar. The recording link will be emailed to you and will be available approximately one week from the scheduled date. This link will be valid for 30 days and can only be used by the registrant.



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