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New 360-Degree Feedback Instrument Available with Special Pricing Ending Sept. 30

An organization’s ability to thrive in challenging times is largely determined by the quality and effectiveness of its leadership. Organizations can change their future by developing their individual leadership talent to meet current and future needs. ARA has partnered with NuVue Business Solutions to create a leadership assessment – called the ARA NAVIGATOR 360° (360-Degree Feedback Instrument) built – specifically for the agricultural industry. 

Intro Video


The ARA NAVIGATOR 360°, as a diagnostic feedback instrument, adds value for individual leaders by powerfully highlighting what they need to develop. This assessment shows the gap between the individual's leadership skills and the leadership the organization needs. This gap will help chart a path for the overall effectiveness of the leadership development investment. For individual leaders, learning strengths and weaknesses is a foundation to developing into better leaders.

ARA NAVIGATOR 360° is a new leadership assessment tool that will assess a leader's effectiveness in two ways: the level of skill the leader has, and the ability to use those skills appropriately when needed. The interactive report guides the leader on skills they use effectively and the skills they need to develop.

Who participates?

The ARA NAVIGATOR 360° is offered for three levels of agricultural leaders to allow every company to assess all its leaders:

  • Emerging Leader 360 (Individual contributors and high potentials)
  • Performance Leader 360 (Frontline people managers, branch managers, supervisors, etc.)
  • Strategic Leader 360 (President, CEO, COO, CFO, vice president, managers of managers, etc.)


The ARA NAVIGATOR 360° is an online tool that collects and interprets feedback. You can order one ARA NAVIGATOR 360° or have all leaders with your company participate. 

  1. ARA NAVIGATOR 360° can be ordered online - REGISTER NOW
  2. Watch a short eLearning module: Getting Started and How to Select the Right Raters
  3. Ask your manager, direct reports, and others to complete ARA NAVIGATOR 360° assessment
  4. Complete your ARA NAVIGATOR 360° assessment


Special pricing is available to ARA members through Sept. 30, 2020:

  • ARA NAVIGATOR 360° - $149 (Reg. Price $199)
  • Personal Coaching - $99 (Reg. Price $199)

Non-member registrations start at $249. If you want to order multiple ARA NAVIGATOR 360° assessments, contact NuVue Business Solutions at or or call 919-562-5599. 




Special pricing ends Sept. 30



Donnie Taylor, ARA Vice President of Membership & Corporate Relations