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ARAPAC: the political arm of ARA

The Agricultural Retailers Association Political Action Committee (ARAPAC) is the political arm of ARA and is a powerful tool in representing the agricultural retailer industry on the federal level. Funds from ARAPAC contributions allow ARA staff and members to attend political events and financially support members of Congress running for office that support our industry.

Leaders of Industry

A strong PAC is essential to influencing public policy and advocating for the agricultural retailers and distributors who work to produce the nation’s food, feed, fiber, and fuel.

If you are a representative with an ARA member company, you qualify to opt in as a Leader of Industry at no additional cost which allows you to get involved with ARAPAC activities and events. Support ARA and the ag retail industry in securing a seat at the table with lawmakers by joining the ARA Leaders of Industry!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does a PAC need support from all members?
Laws considered by Congress and proposed federal regulations impact the entire agricultural retail industry, not just one individual business. It is vital that every ag retailer unite to do his or her part to elect a Congress that will represent what is best for our industry.

How does ARAPAC select federal candidates to support?
ARAPAC seeks input from ARA board members and state associations to determine which candidate to support. Some of the guidelines used include voting record and positions on issues impacting the ag retail industry; committee assignments; and presence of ARA members in their state or Congressional district. ARA has also ARAPAC Steering Committee that is solely focused on the PAC and increasing member participation.

How is ARAPAC funded?
ARAPAC’s political activities are funded by the voluntary contributions of ARA members above and beyond their membership dues. These contributions make it possible for ARAPAC and the ag retailer profession to have significant impact in elections and are instrumental to ensuring we have both the funds and the people to be effective in the political arena.

Who is eligible to participate in ARAPAC?
ARA member companies’ executive and administrative staff, stockholders and the ARA executive and professional staff are eligible to participate in ARAPAC. All ARA members that are incorporated must give ARAPAC permission to solicit contributions from their employees by signing up for a (free) Leaders of Industry membership.

All contributions to ARAPAC are completely voluntary and must be personal. The amount any individual decides to contribute is completely up to them. Every contribution goes to support the industry.

Who should I contact for more information on ARAPC?
For additional information or questions on ARAPAC, contact Hunter Carpenter, senior director of public policy with ARA, at or 202-595-1705.

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