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One voice in Washington won’t make enough noise, but all of our voices together cannot be ignored. By joining ARA, you help us better represent your interests while giving your business a competitive advantage. Here are the main services that come with ARA membership:

Payment Processing Service

ARA, in association with a leading financial institution, offers a new member service with upfront pricing for accepting credit/debit and EBT transactions with no hidden fees or surprise surcharges. Based on ARA member feedback on their current cost of processing, retailers and suppliers who have switched have saved an average of 20 percent* on credit card processing fees. As an ARA member, you will qualify for a $500 rebate as a statement credit* for taking advantage of this new member service.


Congressional Facility Visit Guide

ARA created the Congressional Facility Visit Guide with best practices and media samples to give you a step-by-step resource to hosting a successful visit that will pave the way for a lasting relationship with your elected officials. The goal of inviting a member of Congress to tour your facility is to educate them and their staff about what your company is doing to support its employees, farmer customers, and the community.




ARA NAVIGATOR 360° is a leadership assessment that will assess a leader's effectiveness in two ways: the level of skill the leader has and the ability to use those skills as needed. ARA partnered with NuVue to create this new tool built specifically for the agricultural industry. Learn more about how this assessment uses diagnostic feedback to show gaps between the leadership your organization has and the leadership your organization needs.




Experienced Public Policy Advocacy

ARA Public Policy

ARA staff leverage their combined experience in public policy advocacy, communications, and issues management to educate and influence federal agencies and Congressional members on important issues affecting the ag retail industry.



Tax Write Off

ARA membership dues may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities. ARA estimates that members are able to deduct 70 percent of dues as an expense after removing the nondeductible portion of your dues allocable to lobbying, which is 30 percent. ARA membership dues are not deductible as a charity contribution for U.S. Federal Income Tax purposes.

DC Help Desk

The ARA DC Help Desk is the membership's direct line to answers to regulatory and legislative questions from ARA's policy team of experts. ARA members can also request support from the ARA staff when setting up meetings with representatives.


Access to Member Resource Library

ARA members can log in through the Member Home section of the website to access the complete Member Resource Library including COVID-19 response and guidance tools, past ARA Conference presentations, community relations tips, and more.


ARA Professional Development Pathway

Set out on a clear and continuous path of learning with the ARA Professional Development Pathway that guides members to the programs that will be most beneficial at various steps of their career. By offering professional development opportunities, ARA member companies increase employee engagement and retention. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are also available for participation in some of ARA's programs.


Foundations of Applied Agronomy Training Program

Foundations of Applied Agronomy was developed by the American Society of Agronomy to prepare learners for the International Certified Crop Adviser (ICCA) Exam and to build the expertise of persons in production agriculture, consulting, business, and conservation. The series provides a comprehensive online learning experience that covers topics in nutrient management, soil and water management, pest management, and crop management. In-field practitioners will review the knowledge and skills that are most needed by a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA), while others will obtain a foundational knowledge in topics relevant to the agricultural profession.


Safety on the Road Video

Custom Application Vehicles (CAVs) have come a long way since their advent 1950’s. Today CAVs are vital tools to the success of agricultural retailers. Safety on the Road is a 32-minute training program geared to the safe operation of CAVs on roads and highways to and from the field. This professionally-produced DVD covers the basic safety issues that operators may encounter such as:

  • Basic CAV safety measures
  • Field entrances
  • Preventing rollovers
  • Overhead electric lines
  • Bridge and road limits
  • Crossing railroad tracks
  • Nighttime operations
  • Narrow roads and steep shoulders
  • Navigating highway traffic
  • Safely making left turns
  • Sharing the roadway with others

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Timely Updates Sent Straight to Email Inboxes

Receive emails from ARA about important regulatory or legislative changes straight to your inbox as an ARA member. These come as Member Alerts and the Retailer Fact$ newsletter and may include contact information for representatives, if local action is needed.


Sharing Ideas Through Committee Involvement

By volunteering on an ARA Committee, Work Group, and/or Task Force, ARA members join other motivated ag professionals to directly shape industry outcomes and ARA programming. 


Reduced Rates for ARA and Partnered Events

Part of being a member is attending ARA programs such as the annual Conference & Expo and other events held by industry organizations with partnerships with ARA at a reduced rate. 

Networking to Build Valuable Relationships

Building valuable relationships with like-minded industry professionals is a top benefit of joining ARA. Whether it's over breakfast during the annual ARA Conference or at the bar after a workshop, ARA members get together to expand their network and discuss the latest industry trends.

ARA members reflect on the value they have found by being part of ARA.


Donnie Taylor, ARA Senior Vice President of Membership and Corporate Relations

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Member Testimonial

"The ARA Winter Board Meeting & Legislative Fly-In is an annual highlight for me. It showcases the key activities conducted by ARA's staff and membership including policy planning and meetings with legislators, regulators, and members of the executive branch to educate and influence their views on key issues impacting ag retail."

- 2020-2021 ARA Board Chair Rod Wells, GROWMARK

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