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Modern Ag Crop Production Technologies

The federal government must make decisions based on sound science, peer-reviewed data, and by following a risk-based approach to avoid stripping away the critical crop input supplies (fertilizers, pesticides, biostimulants, seed, etc.) and precision ag technologies that ag retailers provide to their farmer customers.

ARA's Position

  • Protect farmers’ essential tools (seed, pesticide, fertilizer, biostimulants, precision ag technology);
  • Support codifying pesticide registration oversight and regulations at the EPA and state agencies;
  • Ensure government decisions are based on sound science and risk-based peer-reviewed data; and
  • Invest in research and development to enhance crop yields and improve plant health.

Each year, ARA members decide a new set of public policy issues to steer the association's advocacy efforts with elected officials and regulatory agencies in Washington during the annual ARA Legislative Fly-In and beyond.

View the list of main policy priorities.


DC Help Desk

ARA's DC Help Desk member service is a direct line to ag public policy experts. Send regulatory and legislative questions to the DC Help Desk for support. ARA members may also use this service to request help when scheduling a facility tour with their elected official in Congress.