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ARA Co-Signs Pesticide Policy Coalition Letter to the Hill

May 23 2023

ARA supports the following Pesticide Policy Coalition priorities for the 2023 Farm Bill:

  • Enhance the Role of USDA’s Office of Pest Management Policy
  • Support and Enhance the Role of the FIFRA Interagency Work Group
  • Support the Use of Adjuvants
  • Reaffirm State Pesticide Preemption and the Role of States as Co-Regulators of Pesticides
  • Promote Uniformity in Pesticide Labeling by Reaffirming that EPA is the Primary, Federal Authority under FIFRA for Making Pesticide Findings and Decisions
  • Support Voluntary Adoption of Precision Agriculture Technologies and Services
  • Support USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service’s Engagement in International Intuitions, Especially Related to Codex and Pesticide Standards
  • Eliminate Duplicative and Burdensome Permits for Pesticide Applications

The letter thanks lawmakers for considering these priorities as they craft this year's Farm Bill.