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ARA Co-Signed Letter to President Biden Urging a Withdrawal of New Pesticide Policy

May 23 2022

ARA co-signed a letter sent to President Joe Biden urging he withdraw the brief establishing a new policy regarding the regulation and labeling of pesticide products, fully considering the implications it holds for global food security, environmental sustainability, and the future of science-based regulation.

According to the letter, this new position undermines the standard of science-based regulation and has already drawn criticism from our trade partners and foreign customers. The administration adopting its own unscientific approach to pesticide labeling will only serve to weaken the position of U.S. trade negotiators and bolster those seeking to use unscientific, protectionist policies to prevent U.S. access to foreign markets. These potential trade implications will likely not be limited to just crops in which glyphosate is used, but also for other pesticides.

ARA and the undersigned organizations strongly urge the administration to withdraw the brief and to consult with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.