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ARA Co-Signs Letter Supporting Gavilon Application to Allow Continued Potash Import from Belarus

Nov 04 2021

ARA co-signed a letter to the U.S. Department of the Treasury in support of a limited license application filed by member company Gavilon Fertilizer, LLC on Oct. 1 to allow continued imports of potash from Belarus, a country that the Biden administration has imposed sanctions on that will ultimately impact imports.

The letter states that while we support efforts to hold the Belarus government accountable, current sanctions applied to agricultural potash, which is a critical input that helps plants retain water and withstand environmental stress, are harming farmers. In addition, sanctions on imports may soon create supply chain shortages, adding to the already growing supply chain challenges in America.

Read more in the letter, which asks for allowing import of potash through May 15, 2022, to help stabilize fertilizer supply and pricing.