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ARA Co-Signed Letter Supporting the Plant Biostimulant Act

Oct 25 2021

ARA co-signed a letter expressing strong support for the Plant Biostimulant Act as Congress begins to consider the next farm bill.

The Plant Biostimulant Act will:

  • Establish a uniform national definition for "plant biostimulant";
  • Require EPA to review and revise existing Code of Federal regulations to include this new plant biostimulant definition;
  • Establish an intergovernmental plant biostimulant working group, comprised of representatives from USDA, EPA, and state regulators to help determine the appropriate framework for plant biostimulant products, evaluate a pathway for a uniform process for regulation of these products and evaluate options for creating a uniform national label for plant biostimulant products.
  • Require USDA to study how plant biostimulant products can contribute to soil health;
  • Amend existing EQIP to include the use of plant biostimulant products under nutrient management plans; and
  • Establish a plant biostimulant liaison that will be based within USDA to work in a facilitation/coordination role between USDA, EPA, and state regulators.

Read more in the letter below.