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Ag Labor / Immigration Reform


In some industry areas, the H-2A visa program is the only means to a dependable workforce. In other areas, there is no access to H-2A visas or any workforce. Agriculture needs the H-2A program to be more flexible because it currently requires the cooperation of multiple federal agencies that complicate the program.

  • The agricultural community is dependent on a sustainable workforce now more than ever.
  • Every farm worker engaged in high-value labor intensive crop and livestock production sustains two to three off-farm jobs.
  • The current H-2A ag guest worker visa program is broken and only available for part of the agricultural industry.

ARA Position

  • Support the establishment of a comprehensive immigration reform policy that provides for a new, usable ag guest worker visa program with a reliable verification system, secures the borders, and provides current farm workers the opportunity to apply for legal status through the sponsorship of an eligible agricultural employer.

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