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SAVE THE DATE: ARA Crisis Preparedness Workshop on March 9-11 in Philadelphia, Pa.

Does your organization have a plan in place in the event of a crisis? In the event of a crisis, does your organization have an Emergency Action Plan?

If so, is it actionable? What does it take to create a safety-conscious culture?

The ARA Crisis Preparedness Workshop, sponsored by FMC, is focused on creating or refining a personalized Emergency Action Plan that is relevant, implementable, and sustainable for the needs of your business and the local emergency resources.

The content of the workshop will revolve around three fundamental principles of crisis management: plan preparation (PREPARE), actions and activities required to manage a crisis (RESPOND), and requirements to keep a crisis plan sustainable (SUSTAIN).

Led by FMC, the day and a half program features industry best practices, interaction scenarios, and a template Emergency Action Plan.


Contact Melisa Augusto, ARA director of communications and marketing, at