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ARA Sent Comments to EPA on Draft Biological Evaluation of Atrazine

Feb 19 2021

On Feb. 19, ARA's Richard Gupton sent comments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Pesticide Programs in support of continued use of atrazine and other similar products such as simazine and propazine following a draft biological evaluation (BE). 

ARA's comments say EPA must fully answer all public comments, properly revisit its ecological endpoints determinations provided in the draft BE, then publish an update to the draft BE identifying new ecological endpoints through an adequate public comment period. 

"If this broken process fails atrazine, it could jeopardize many other key active ingredients and agricultural products in the future," said Gupton.

Pesticide products like atrazine help agricultural retailers and their farmer customers provide climate solutions and promote sustainable agricultural practices that result in a safe, secure, available, and affordable food supply for American consumers," said Gupton in the comments."