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ARA Filed Comments to EPA on Aminopyralid Label Protection

Jun 22 2021

ARA filed comments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opposing the termination of the existing aminopyralid label extension and the proposed new notification and record keeping requirements for applicators.

ARA opposes these changes because they will cause an increase in invasive species, hinder the livestock industry that relies on pasture grazing, an will cause a redundant workload on an industry that already is working overtime to put food on shelves. More specifically, terminating this special label extension on aminopyralid and requiring additional record keeping will burden the industry by:

  • Increasing invasive weed species;
  • Decreasing the amount of hay available, especially during a natural disaster;
  • Increased workload for certified applicators;
  • Decreased amount of certified weed seed-free hay; and
  • Decrease in hay production that could interfere with supply chain and availability for end-consumers and higher prices.

Read more about the impact on ag retailers and their farmer customers in ARA's comments.