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Economic Growth & Trade

ARA sees a need to support and advocate for pro-growth economic policies that will aid in our members finding a more business-friendly marketplace in which to operate. There are several barriers to entry within the American tax code that we would like to see changed in order to protect our freedom and license to operate.

Policy Solutions

  • Support needed tax reforms, domestic energy production, and fair trade agreements.
  • Support creative solutions that pairs federal investment with state/local government and private sources of capital to raise the necessary funds to get the job done.



Protecting current tax provisions allowing for deductions for retailers is also paramount in stemming growth. The estate tax has long been seen as a detriment to our member business and, as such, we support its full repeal. ARA has also been supportive of a workable sale and use tax collection system to shield retailers and farmers from burdensome tax compliance requirements and we continue to support efforts to streamline these requirements. Additionally, ARA will work with members of Congress to protect provisions of interest such as the fertilizer deduction for farmers’ tax credit and the Section 199 Domestic Production Activities Deductions.

Free & Fair Trade

ARA is also confident that the free and fair trade of agricultural products, equipment, and crop inputs will be met with support from members of both houses of congress. We believe this will create opportunities of economic benefit between farmers, ranchers, retailers, and other members of the supply chain. We also are supportive of federal energy policies to increase domestic natural gas production, the reduction of U.S. manufacturing costs for crop input materials and promote the development and use of renewable fuels.

Agricultural retailers and distributors play a vital role in the success of the nation’s food security. Their farmer customers produce goods for global markets and seek free and fair trade with foreign countries. ARA supports these ends and a reduction in tariffs placed on these goods, enabling farmers to make planting choices based on what can make them the most money in a fair trade market. The following are issues of importance to the agricultural retail industry in global trade markets: ARA supports free and fair agricultural product trade among countries and sees tariffs as a barrier to entry for many. While we understand the administration’s need to protect intellectual property, we see retaliatory tariffs harming U.S. ag markets increasing. The USDA has already release two rounds of trade mitigation payments which have acted as intended but trade markets continue to suffer.

Questions? Send questions to the ARA policy team of experts via the DC Help Desk. 


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