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ARA Signed DRIVE Safe Coalition Letter to Senate Committee

Jun 15 2021

ARA signed a letter sent by the DRIVE Safe Coalition to leaders of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation expressing strong support for including the bipartisan DRIVE Safe Act in the Surface Transportation Investment Act. 

ARA and the more than 120 undersigned organizations support this amendment because it will address the nation's growing truck driver shortage by promoting opportunity and enhanced safety training for emerging members of the transportation workforce. Seventy percent of the nation's freight is carried by commercial trucks; and demand is projected to increase over the next decade which would further disrupt supply chains. 

This amendment will help to fill desperately-needed jobs and provide younger Americans with the opportunity to enter a profession with a median salary of $54,585, plus health and retirement benefits. Read more about the benefits of including this amendment in the Surface Transportation Investment Act. 


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Urge Congress to support the modernization of the Farm-Related Restricted Commercial Driver's License (CDL) program, also known as the Seasonal Ag CDL program. Modernized reforms would provide more flexibility and certainty for drivers and their companies without sacrificing safety.

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