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New Grass, Broadleaf Weed Control Option for Wheat Growers

Nov 01 2022

Finding trusted weed control options in wheat production is difficult as well as time consuming. Growers have limited resources to perform their own trial work for every new product that comes to market, and weather patterns are ever changing. That’s why UPL has continued to evaluate new technologies and consistently improved existing technologies to better serve their grower customers.

Wheat growers now have unmatched control of broadleaf and grass weeds with BATALIUM® AMPED, a new post-emergent herbicide from UPL that offers three modes of action in a unique high-performance formulation.

“We’ve been very impressed with how well the weeds were controlled in our test plots in 2022,” says Ryan Bryant-Schlobohm, UPL Technical Services Manager, Southwest. “This formulation of BATALIUM AMPED herbicide provides excellent crop safety while making cleaner, high-yielding wheat fields.”

This unique and high-performance formulation contains three active ingredients at the fullest rates, flucarbazone (Group 2), fluroxypyr (Group 4) and bromoxynil (Group 6), for the most effective weed control solution on the market.  

For wheat growers looking for a better way to control weeds, BATALIUM AMPED herbicide has finishing power on grass weeds — it’s a fast-acting, long-lasting herbicide with best-in-class crop safety.

Benefits of BATALIUM AMPED Herbicide

Growers and applicators will appreciate the low, 16 ounce use rate and easy mixability, Bryant-Schobohm adds. BATALIUM AMPED delivers cleaner fields, for greater grower profitability.

BATALIUM AMPED herbicide can fit into growers’ current and future needs for simple solutions to control problematic weeds, specifically in the Northern Plains. This all-in-one weed control offers the most effective control and suppression of more than 70 broadleaf and 11 grass species, including wild oat, green foxtail, Russian thistle and herbicide-resistant kochia.

BATALIUM AMPED herbicide offers growers long-lasting grass control and superior control of green foxtail (pigeon grass), a highly prolific weed.

“Another benefit that appeals to both winter and spring wheat growers is that BATALIUM AMPED herbicide can fit both rotation and wheat-on-wheat production systems for a systemic weed control strategy,” Bryant-Schlobohm says. “With three powerful herbicides in one, BATALIUM AMPED can really help growers clean up their fields.”

In side-by-side trial plots in summer 2022, Bryant-Schobohm says BATALIUM AMPED herbicide performed consistently against varying weed pressures across a wide geography. Learn more at

UPL Is a Partner for Retailer and Grower Needs

As part of the UPL OpenAg® purpose, UPL is committed to bringing new ideas and new solutions for retailers and growers. BATALIUM AMPED herbicide is just one example of how UPL is listening to growers’ needs and bringing innovative solutions to growers’ fields.

Bryant says when facing a changing field environments, retailers, consultants and growers can reach out to UPL sales and technical service representatives for help in tailoring the right solution to the acre.

BATALIUM AMPED herbicide was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in September 2022. UPL is undergoing state registrations in key geographies, and supplies of BATALIUM AMPED herbicide will be in place for use in the 2023 season. Always read and follow label directions.

Learn more about this new weed control solution from UPL at