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10 Reasons Why You Should Add A Spray Drone To Your Operation

Mar 26 2024

Introducing a new asset into your business is a big decision. Prioritizing return on investment and optimizing efficiency in your operation is always a primary concern. Nonetheless, integrating a drone into your fleet can lead your program to the next generation of technology. By embracing a versatile tool, your business can improve data collection, boost service capabilities, and increase operational efficacy.

Explore the benefits of incorporating a drone into your fleet through these ten reasons from real-world customers and DJI trainers. Prepare to watch your business soar to new heights with new drone technology.

Tip #1 – Access to Small Fields

Navigating tight corners or overgrown tree lines poses a challenge for conventional spray rigs. By deploying a drone, those smaller fields become less of a headache.

Tip #2 – Optimizing Efficiency of Larger Spray Rigs

During peak season, making time for the smaller, time-consuming fields is less than ideal. With the addition of a drone, you have precision technology in smaller fields or specialty crops, surpassing the capabilities of traditional rigs while reducing drift and ensuring a quality application.

Tip #3 – Elevate Safety Measures

Reduce exposure to powerful chemicals by using your drone for application. Instead of using a backpack sprayer to touch up those tough spots, utilize a drone to keep you and your operators a safe distance from the application, minimizing exposure to potent chemicals.

Tip #4 – Enhanced Crop Penetration

Larger drones experience increased downwind pressure, leading to better crop penetration. Closing the gap between the crop and equipment leads to a better application than traditional crop dusting.

Tip #5 – Expanding Service Portfolio

Expand your business offerings and challenge young agronomists by adding a drone to your fleet. By partnering with area cooperatives or independent providers, you can find a new niche for your business.

Tip #6 – Freedom in Crop Spraying

Harness the freedom that aerial application offers with reduced soil compaction, weather dependency and enable flexibility in spray timing.

Tip #7 – Optimal Cover Crop Application

Enjoy the improved time and the independence in applying when the time is right. By applying cover crops with a drone, you’re not limited by weather or waiting in line for your area applicator’s next available spray day.

Tip #8 – Cost-Effective Investment

There is a significant difference in the initial investment between traditional spray rigs and a drone. Partnering with an established agronomist or custom applicator can open doors to ensure your investment return comes quickly.

Tip #9 – Precision Spot Spraying

Eliminate the need to pull out your spray rig for a small spot spray job. A drone doesn’t only save time, but it optimizes spot spraying by eliminating the need to drive out into the field or waiting for the weather to be ideal.

Tip #10 – Integration of Imaging and Spray Drones for Variable Rate Application

Combining imaging and spray drones offers a new level of service delivery, maximizing precision and convenience for customers seeking diverse solutions.

“Adding a drone to your service attracts a new customer base and sets your business apart,” according to Danny Fobian, Rantizo ® Customer Success Manager. “The ability to access hard-to-reach fields, elevate border effectiveness and embrace innovative technology can truly set your program apart.”

While adopting new equipment signifies a substantial step, taking advantage of cutting-edge technology ensures continuous growth in ROI and service portfolio. Embrace the opportunity to deliver unparalleled service to your customers by adding a drone to your fleet.

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