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ARA Joins Stakeholders Reaffirming Glyphosate Safety Following Court Arguments

Jan 10, 2022

ARA along with other industry stakeholders responded to court arguments with a statement reaffirming the safe and effective use of glyphosate, an important herbicide that enables conservation practices such as reduced field tillage.

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2021 ARA Rising Stars

2021 ARA Rising Stars Share What Leadership in Ag Means to Them

Dec 02, 2021

The 2021 ARA Rising Stars created videos telling what leadership in agriculture means to them. These Rising Stars were nominated by their company for their achievements and were honored at the annual ARA Conference & Expo.

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Add ARA's Model Fertilizer Contract with E-Signatures to Your Toolkbox

Nov 17, 2021

ARA offers the Model Fertilizer Contract as a tool for the agricultural retail industry to use to better manage company risk while providing ag retailers with consistent terms and conditions when dealing with fertilizer suppliers and farmer customers as they execute contracts. Partnering with Faegre Drinker, ARA recently updated this resource for the industry to allow for e-signature capabilities to keep up with the constantly changing business landscape of the agricultural community. 

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2021 ARA Conference & Expo

Policy Panel: One Year into the Biden Administration, What's Next?

Nov 02, 2021

While President Biden was elected for being a moderate consensus builder, Washington is still full of partisanship, divided government, and policy decisions creating potential disruptions within the industry and overall U.S. economy.

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2021 ARA Conference & Expo

Craving In-Person Networking? See You at ARA's Conference & Expo!

Oct 15, 2021

If you're like the ARA Board of Directors and staff, you have been craving in-person interaction, and the 2021 ARA Conference & Expo is the perfect opportunity to be in the same room as other leaders in the ag retail business. 

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2021 ARA Conference & Expo

Carbon Markets and the Role of the Ag Retailer

Oct 12, 2021

Agricultural soil carbon markets have taken the industry by storm, offering a win-win situation whereby farmers are rewarded for their stewardship and corporations seeking to account for their emissions can invest directly in climate impact. Beyond the hype and headlines, however, lie the logistical realities of the situation. How does the industry enable widescale transformation of agricultural practices to reliably supply this growing new market?

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FAQs on EPA's Chlorpyrifos Final Rule + 6 Ag Retailer Questions Answered

Sep 21, 2021

ARA received notice from EPA that it has published the chlorpyrifos final rule FAQs to represent the most commonly asked questions EPA received since issuing the final rule. All but six of ARA’s questions were answered. For those six remaining questions, this blog contains EPA’s responses. 

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Rising Stars

Top 8 Reasons to Nominate Emerging Leaders for ARA Rising Stars

Sep 15, 2021

Nominations are due this month for ARA's Rising Stars program that rewards emerging leaders for high performance while giving your company an avenue to incentivize and develop your team into future company leaders. Check out the eight reasons to submit online nominations!

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2021 ARA Conference & Expo

Ag Retailer Panel at ARA Conference & Expo

Sep 14, 2021

Our industry is no stranger to resiliency and the need to adapt as new challenges arise. However, that resiliency was put to the test over the last 18 months as a pandemic swept across the country (and world), causing regulatory uncertainty and supply chain disruptions on top of already worsening weather events and a change in administrations.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus

A Letter to Members: Support Vaccination Efforts in Your Community

Sep 08, 2021

ARA President & CEO Daren Coppock joined his colleagues at other national and regional agricultural organizations to write an open letter to membership in support of the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. In the letter, ARA and the undersigned urge members to make science-based decisions like they do everyday and work to get their team and communities vaccinated against the virus that has caused so many disruptions in our lives.

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