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FAQs on EPA's Chlorpyrifos Final Rule + 6 Ag Retailer Questions Answered

Sep 21, 2021

ARA received notice from EPA that it has published the chlorpyrifos final rule FAQs to represent the most commonly asked questions EPA received since issuing the final rule. All but six of ARA’s questions were answered. For those six remaining questions, this blog contains EPA’s responses. 

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Rising Stars

Top 8 Reasons to Nominate Emerging Leaders for ARA Rising Stars

Sep 15, 2021

Nominations are due this month for ARA's Rising Stars program that rewards emerging leaders for high performance while giving your company an avenue to incentivize and develop your team into future company leaders. Check out the eight reasons to submit online nominations!

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2021 ARA Conference & Expo

Ag Retailer Panel at ARA Conference & Expo

Sep 14, 2021

Our industry is no stranger to resiliency and the need to adapt as new challenges arise. However, that resiliency was put to the test over the last 18 months as a pandemic swept across the country (and world), causing regulatory uncertainty and supply chain disruptions on top of already worsening weather events and a change in administrations.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus

A Letter to Members: Support Vaccination Efforts in Your Community

Sep 08, 2021

ARA President & CEO Daren Coppock joined his colleagues at other national and regional agricultural organizations to write an open letter to membership in support of the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. In the letter, ARA and the undersigned urge members to make science-based decisions like they do everyday and work to get their team and communities vaccinated against the virus that has caused so many disruptions in our lives.

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Climate-smart ag

ARA Applauds UN Food Summit Engagement by USDA

Aug 10, 2021

ARA is one of several national associations working on the upcoming United Nations Food Systems Summit and is very pleased with USDA’s position statements and engagement leading up to the September Summit and will continue to keep its members updated.

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Common pitfalls in the decision making process

Common Pitfalls in the Decision Making Process

Jul 22, 2021

Purdue University Center for Food and Agricultural Business Assistant Professor Dr. Brady Brewer’s blog, Common Pitfalls in the Decision Making Process, overviews some decision making traps that are easy to fall into and how to best avoid them. Awareness of these traps in the business world can better help decision makers choose the most beneficial options for their businesses, avoid risk and increase their odds for success. Read the full blog to learn more.

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Morgan Hasler

ARA Welcomes 2021 Summer Intern

Jun 15, 2021

ARA welcomes a new intern for the summer of 2021 who comes from North Dakota State University. Morgan Hasler is bringing her previous work experiences in sustainability, global agriculture, education, and research to the ARA team. Learn more about her background.

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Houff Corp Congressional Facility Visit

ARA Toolkit Builds Trust Among Local Community, Farmers & Media

May 25, 2021

Foster positive relationships and build trust between your company, your community and your local media with the new ARA Community & Media Relations Toolkit.

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Facility Tour

How to Host a Successful Congressional Visit at Your Facility

May 13, 2021

With summer recess approaching and members of Congress returning to their districts, now is the best time to start planning to host your elected official(s) for a tour of your facility. That is why ARA created the Congressional Facility Visit Guide with best practices and media samples to give you a step-by-step resource to hosting a successful visit that will pave the way for a lasting relationship with your elected officials.

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Person playing with soil

ARA Leading in Carbon Credit Market Discussion

May 04, 2021

ARA’s newly formed Climate Stewardship/Carbon Credit Working Group met with staff of Senators Stabenow, D-Mich., and Braun, R-Ind., about S. 1251 - Growing Climate Solutions Act of 2021. Learn more about what was discussed and what's next for ARA's Working Group.

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