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strategic decision making


2021 ARA Strategic Decision Making Registration is Open

You make a lot of decisions at work all of the time. Yet, there are typically two or three throughout the year that have a bigger impact on the direction of your company. New product strategies, investment opportunities, research and development initiatives – we call these “fork-in-the-road” decisions. Because of their impact, they take more time and require a more structured approach than typical day-to-day decisions.

Program Overview

ARA partners with Purdue University to offer Strategic Decision Making, a three-day seminar that gives you the knowledge and tools needed to make strategic choices. You will learn how to clarify the specific decision you need to make, list the alternatives and manage any risk involved. Mastering this process and using these tools significantly increases your odds of success.

Mark your calendar for the 2021 Strategic Decision Making workshop on June 22-25 at the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana.


Who Should Attend?

This seminar is intended for leaders and managers who are:

  • Pursuing possibilities for growth or considering investment opportunities.
  • Investigating new market access or developing product launch strategies.
  • Prioritizing research and technological developments.
  • Leading or implementing growth or change initiatives.

Participants have found benefit to attending with a team from their organization.

Optional Individual Case Study

If you have a specific decision in mind, bring it with you. Using a guided framework, you will have the option to develop an individual case study with one-on-one feedback from the program faculty. This allows you to spend time applying some of the tools presented in this workshop. 

Program Content

Faculty instructor Allan Gray will use an agribusiness case study throughout the program to highlight:

  • Framework for decision making
  • Tools for effective decision making
  • Implementing the decision

Learn more about the program content and key benefits. 

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Betty Jones-Bliss, Associate Director, Purdue University Center for Food and Agricultural Business