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Sustainable Grain Cultivates New Opportunities for Retailers

Oct 24, 2023

Conversations around sustainable ag are increasing, and not just among those in the ag industry: Food companies are also paying attention to the sustainability of grain production. It’s an emerging market that agribusinesses can take advantage of with the help of a new marketing tool that offers comprehensive sustainability insights.

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Smart Nutrition

How It Works: Smart Nutrition™ MAP+MST®

Aug 11, 2023

Smart Nutrition™ MAP+MST® is one of the most efficient dry fertilizer systems for delivering key nutrients to your crops when they need it most. This new granular fertilizer technology uses a unique integration of sulfur, phosphate and nitrogen to maximize crop nutrition and boost growth (9-43-0-16S) while providing a proven handling experience. But how does it work? The answer starts with an examination of the fertilization process at a microscopic level.

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In the Field

Customer Experience Defines Nutrien Digital Scout Powered by Taranis

Jul 15, 2023

Nutrien partners with Taranis to create opportunities for retailers, providing an experience that builds trust and relationships.

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Crop intelligence backed by superior customer service.

Sep 01, 2022

When backed by the right team, integrating a new crop intelligence partner into your business is a quick and seamless process that should leave you feeling confident using your new insights. Taranis crop intelligence solutions put every field at your fingertips with leaf-level insights. But the Taranis experience goes far beyond data. Retailers who use Taranis are backed by a robust customer success team—giving you the confidence to use Taranis every day. (Sponsored content)

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CoBank Quartlery

CoBank Quarterly: Agricultural Supply Chains Are Still Broken

Jul 27, 2022

After more than two years, COVID-related supply chain complications are finally easing, and various metrics indicate improvements to supply chain performance both domestically and globally. However, those improvements have been modest and agricultural supply chains in particular remain broadly mired in dysfunction. (Sponsored content)

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CoBank Year Ahead

2022 Year Ahead Report – Forces That Will Shape the U.S. Rural Economy

Jan 10, 2022

In 2022, the U.S. farm economy will continue to struggle with the ongoing supply chain issues and cost inflation pressures that burst to the fore in summer 2021. Strong commodity prices will be offset by increases in cost structure for nearly all crop production including row crops, fruits and vegetables and hay. However, a reduction in farm-level costs could be on the horizon for mid-2022, according to a comprehensive year-ahead outlook report from CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange. (Sponsored content)

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Corteva Enlist

Weed Control Tips for 2022

Dec 20, 2021

As farmers head into the winter planning months, it’s important to reflect on what weeds were still present during harvest. This can help inform what did and didn’t work as they start putting together their weed control game plan for next year. To prepare for the upcoming growing season, Eric Scherder, Ph.D., U.S. Crop Protection commercial launch leader for Corteva Agriscience, has tips and recommendations on weed control for soybean farmers. (Sponsored content)

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Weed Resistance Study Chart

Weed Challenges Top of Mind for Farmers

Dec 07, 2021

It’s no surprise that weed management is a key issue for the agriculture industry, with several weeds reproducing and wreaking havoc on fields, becoming resistant to traditional herbicide applications. But did you know that on average, farmers spend about four hours a week planning their weed management program and thinking about pigweed resistance? (Sponsored content)

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Fall weed control

Helping Customers With Fall Soybean Weed Control

Oct 08, 2021

As harvest gets underway in the Midwest, you and your customers may start to notice weed patches in their fields. Whether those are escapes from spring or newly emerging winter annuals, performing some fall soybean weed control measures could set your farmers up nicely for the 2022 season. (Sponsored content)

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Fall Nitrogen Application Reminders

Reminders for Successful Anhydrous Ammonia Applications

Sep 16, 2021

In just a few weeks, fall nitrogen applications will be underway across the Midwest. Now is the time to make sure you’re ready to help your customers get the max out of their fall anhydrous ammonia. Here are four reminders to ensure successful fall applications. (Sponsored content)

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