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Crop intelligence backed by superior customer service.

Sep 01 2022

When backed by the right team, integrating a new crop intelligence partner into your business is a quick and seamless process that should leave you feeling confident using your new insights.

Taranis crop intelligence solutions put every field at your fingertips with leaf-level insights. But the Taranis experience goes far beyond data. Retailers who use Taranis are backed by a robust customer success team—giving you the confidence to use Taranis every day.

Crop Intelligence Backed by Ag Experts

“This isn’t traditional customer service,” says Katie Staton, customer success manager at Taranis. “Each member of our customer success team has an agribusiness background—they’ve walked in your shoes and are equipped to understand your business and challenges.”

Whether it’s retail, agronomy, or growing up on a family farm, Taranis customer success team members have both the agribusiness background and outstanding customer service skills to give retailers unparalleled support.

Customer Success from The Start

Your success starts with onboarding, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. The Taranis customer success team gives retailers and crop advisors the tools needed to evaluate the millions of insights provided.  Retailers can feel confident knowing they have the customer success team to lean on. When you need answers, you’ll get them.

“We all know the experience of needing an answer right away and not being able to get ahold of a customer services representative,” says Staton. “But with Taranis, somebody is going to get back to you within the day. We’re not going to pass you off to someone else or make you find it on a website. We’re going to find the answers for you.”

Your Partner in Crop Health and Leaf-Level Monitoring

“The most important thing to remember is that you’re not in this alone,” notes Staton. “We care about you and your operation just as much as we care about our own success. We’re your advocates and are going to give you what you need.”

Taranis is committed to protecting the future of agriculture prosperity as the new standard of crop intelligence by advancing the way we work. We do that with a firm focus on helping retailers, advisors, and agronomists demonstrate value for their customers and build better relationships. Through full-service, leaf-level data capture, you get faster decision making, smarter use of resources, and higher profitability. With data on millions of acres already captured and analyzed, advisors can have detailed, easy-to-digest insights from their customers’ acres delivered directly to them—anywhere at any time. For those who want to be a leader in their field and lead the way to more opportunities in our communities, it’s time for Taranis.

To discover more about how Taranis crop intelligence and our robust customer success team can take your agronomy team to the next level, schedule a demo today.