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Environmental Stewardship


Farmers look to agricultural retailers for advice to boost their yields, profits and offer agronomic insights to improve soil, water and other natural resources. ARA members are committed to finding innovative ways to increase efficiency and produce more with less, while protecting the environment's natural resources.

ARA is a leading voice for ag retailers by providing Sustainability Programming for Ag Retailers and Certified Crop Advisors (SPARC) Initiative, which is focused on equipping trusted advisors to deliver sustainability outcomes.

ARA Positions

  • Support the SPARC Initiative and voluntary Best Management Practices (BMPs) for ag retailrs to utilize in the application of crop input materials (both fertilizers and pesticides) to ensure sustainable and productive agricultural land.
  • Support the registration and re-registration of essential crop protection products that is properly founded on risk-based analysis and peer-reviewed science.
  • Support conservation and technical assistance programs that promote the implementation of the 4Rs nutrient management and use of precision agriculture technologies by ag retailers and their farmer customers.
  • Support policies that ensure any sustainable practices with the agricultural sector are outcome-based rather than practice-based approaches.

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