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ARA Proud to Support the BeSure! Stewardship Campaign to Protect Pollinators

Mar 31 2020

ARA is proud to support the second annual BeSure! stewardship campaign that aims to protect pollinators during the planting season though July 2020.

BeSure! is an industry-wide effort to promote awareness and best management practices when using neonicotinoid products on farms and urban landscapes. 

By using print, radio, digital and social media efforts, BeSure! will offer tips and resources to farmers, ag retailers and suppliers to ensure label directions are followed to minimize potential impact on pollinators and other wildlife. 

Follow the campaign on social media by searching the hashtag #BeSure and participate by sharing posts related to this effort!

This year, the campaign is expanding to include neonicotinoid foliar sprays, soil drenches, and granule uses on fruits, nuts, vegetables, turf, trees and ornamental plants, as well as extending outreach to include the citrus industry in California and Florida.

Neonicotinoids have been very effective in stopping invasive pests, such the Asian citrus psyllid that spreads a disease that is decimating Florida’s citrus industry and has cost the state more than 8,000 jobs and $4.5 billion in the last five years.

This year’s campaign will direct farmers, applicators and others to, an interactive website with up-to-date stewardship tips and information.

Use these two downloadable fact sheets with five quick tips to guide best management practices during planting season:

For more information, please visit: