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Help Your Growers Plan Their 2021 Dicamba Weed Control Program

May 18 2021

While getting seed in the ground is usually the first challenge facing growers, maintain effective weed control ranks a solid second. Providing advice to growers on timely post-emergent herbicide applications can be critical to preserving yields and generating profits.

Timing is also important for making product recommendations for growers, especially when it comes to increased weed resistance. It’s estimated that certain resistant weed populations can reduce yields by 50 percent or more. Enter dicamba, which gives growers another tool in their arsenal to help protect their crops from difficult-to-control weeds, such as pigweed species, especially Palmer amaranth and waterhemp.

The Dicamba Experts at BASF

BASF has more than 50 years of technical experience with dicamba. The company continues to advance the performance and effectiveness of dicamba to meet evolving grower needs.

The team at BASF can provide you and your growers with dicamba-specific information and recommendations on our latest dicamba product offerings, such as Engenia® herbicide.

A Look at Engenia Herbicide

Based on BASF’s proprietary BAPMA technology, Engenia herbicide offers the most advanced dicamba formulation on the market. It has the lowest use rate available for dicamba-tolerant crops and offers the lowest volatility dicamba salt. Engenia herbicide controls more than 200 broadleaf weeds, including many that have developed glyphosate-resistance, and provides an additional, effective site of action. Engenia herbicide recently received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval for over-the-top application in soybeans and cotton, giving farmers continued access to this dicamba technology.

In addition, BASF is continuing its long-term commitment to dicamba technology and innovation with the introduction of Sentris® Buffering Technology for the 2021 growing season. Beginning in 2021, every application of Engenia herbicide is required to be tank-mixed with an approved pH buffering adjuvant product, such as Sentris Buffering Technology. Sentris is a liquid buffering agent that, when added to a dicamba spray solution, will increase and stabilize the solution pH and reduce the potential for volatility. Sentris Buffering Technology has also been proven to reduce the potential for tank-contamination by helping with spray system clean-out and hygiene.

For more information on Engenia herbicide and the required training, talk to your BASF representative and visit the Engenia Herbicide Stewardship Portal at


Engenia Herbicide is a U.S. EPA Restricted Use Pesticide.

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