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Look for spring herbicides with flexible application windows

Dec 28 2020

If you’re working with growers who are still on the fence about their weed management plan for 2021, rest assured, there is time remaining for them to lock in a solid strategy.

The ideal scenario is to start clean and stay clean because remedying an issue after the fact can be more costly and less effective. However, spring herbicide application can get tricky with limited windows of opportunity and challenging weather.

Helping customers choose flexible herbicide options that can be applied pre- or post-emergent will help them keep crops protected, no matter when that window is open.

“Reviewing your options prior to planting season in row crops is extremely important – likewise prior to bloom in fruiting crops. Understanding your main threats from pests and planning a strategy that includes multiple modes of action will ensure the best levels of control and the extension of the technology used to control them,” said Sam Knott, Atticus director of Central U.S. crops.

In a time when growers are looking for ways to cut costs more than ever, Atticus is a branded-generic crop protection provider, offering relevant products at a more affordable price to protect their investments. Consider some of these options:

Soybean pre-emergent: StreliuS™ II, Rancor™ 4 F, Zaltus SC, FrontRunner and Aquesta™ 4 F

Soybean post-emergent: Forsyte™ 1.88 SL, StreliuS™ II and FrontRunner

Corn flexible pre- or post-emergent: Cavallo™ 4 SC and StreliuS™ II

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