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Start with Seed: Select the Right Trait and Variety

Dec 08 2020

The success of a farmer’s soybean crop always begins with the seed.

Now is the time for your customers to evaluate the success and shortfalls of 2020 seed decisions and assess options for the planting season ahead.

When evaluating seed selection, there are two major factors farmers should consider: trait platform and variety characteristics. Much of the focus recently has been on herbicide traits, due to the obvious challenges that weeds pose, but it’s also important to carefully evaluate variety characteristics to maximize yield and profitability. This includes maturity, disease resistance, pest resistance, yield potential and more.

Farmers should consider 2020 performance and areas for improvement to help make 2021 seed decisions. Identifying which weeds are present and creating common problems will help growers select the traits and herbicide program that will give them the most value.

Weeds and herbicide resistance are major factors in trait selection as resistance continues to grow and create bigger challenges for farmers across the country. Research by Stratus Ag shows nearly 75% of farmers in the US are experiencing glyphosate-resistant weeds in their fields. This is in addition to resistance to other common modes of action that farmers have relied on, such as ALS-inhibitors, Auxins, PPO-inhibitors and others.

Choosing a trait platform depends on the unique needs of each farm, but it is recommended to evaluate multiple trait platforms and to select an option that enables multiple modes of action. Working with your local BASF representative is a good way to help your customers determine what system will allow best control of those weed and select varieties at a field level.

Farmers should select varieties that have the characteristics they need.  Farmers know their fields better than anyone, and it’s important to select the precise variety for each field to maximize chances of success. 


Credenz® soybeans have a lineup of 64 precise varieties dialed in to local conditions. Extensive data on each variety is developed through testing in a variety of conditions to withstand local pest and disease pressures. Combining Credenz genetics and precise varieties with an unprecedented yield advantage and the unsurpassed weed control of LibertyLink GT27 shows up to a 4+ bu/acre advantage.1


With the comprehensive BASF portfolio, farmers have more options and solutions than ever to grow the most productive soybean acre in the industry. 

Talk to your local BASF representative or click here for more information. 

More Info

1Internal trials showed an average of up to 4 bu/acre yield advantage for LibertyLink GT27 varieties vs. LibertyLink varieties. University OVT data has shown an average of up to 2 bu/A yield advantage for LibertyLink vs. Asgrow RR2Xtend varieties entered. LibertyLink GT27 is not tolerant to all HPPD herbicides.

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