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Stepping up for ag retail

May 17 2021

When Brevant™ seeds launched in 2020, we made sure the new high-performance corn and soybean brand was only available at ag retail. Why? Because we truly believe in what retail offers. Local expertise, unmatched service and dedication to the communities you serve.

Drawing on the strengths of Corteva Agriscience, Brevant seeds sets itself apart by providing a new, agile way of doing business. And that starts by working together with retail to bring the focused service you deserve. With the depth of our corn and soybean portfolios, we have a solution for every field, whether that’s top-end yield, consistent performance or solid agronomics. 

Brevant seeds expands retail’s access to industry-leading genetics, technology and traits from Corteva Agriscience. This means we’re bringing high-performance product portfolios to retail, including the latest corn and soybean trait technology and a complete line of silage corn. Simply put, we’re ready to go bushel to bushel with anyone.


We’ve listened to our retail partners about ways to provide new solutions to serve their farmers better. While there are no shortcuts to providing an experience both farmers and retailers can be proud of, we take pride in these relationships and doing the little things right.

We talk a lot about doing business differently and supporting ag retail, but talk without action is a lot of wasted breath. And we like to deliver on our promises.

We’re proud to team up with retail. So, this year, we’re going all in to celebrate everything that you do. Because it’s about time a seed brand supported you like you support others. 

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