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Use 2021 insights to shape 2022 decisions

Aug 18 2021

August is one of the final hurdles to harvest. High temperatures and low rainfall often stress crops, which opens the door to a host of other problems. Drought-stressed crops are especially vulnerable to late-season insects that rob yield and keep bushels from the bin.

If late-summer brings tough growing conditions, watch for pests during the final weeks of summer. Scouting at harvest will help retailers build strong recommendations for the next season.

“August is a critical time for soybeans — we’re talking about pod set and first fill,” Steffl said. “Those plants are demanding a lot of nitrogen, nutrients and water, because that’s their time to shine. It’s all about putting seeds in the pod and filling out that size to increase weight per acre.”

Mid-to-late summer is also an ideal time to evaluate corn rootworm populations on farms. If scouting reveals corn rootworm infestation, farmers should choose hybrids next season with rootworm protection, such as Brevant™ brand Qrome® products. Qrome features a proprietary molecular-stack technology with dual modes of action to defend against above- and below-ground pests, with superior protection against corn rootworm.

Brevant brand Qrome products bring next-generation insect protection and genetics, with a yield advantage of 7.8 bu./A vs. all trait packages from competitors.1

“Performance wise, growers have been happy with these new hybrids with Qrome,” Steffl said. “The technology and trait have been great, and we’ve seen impressive yield.”

To learn more about Brevant seeds and get local yield results, sign up to be first to know. You can also find more information at

1 Brevant multi-year, on-farm pre-commercial head-to-head comparisons and 3rd party trials. Based on 25,886 comparisons within 2 days of relative maturity.


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